Sunday, July 23, 2017


A musical exuberance of a river of living water!
Meditations from the longest Psalm in the Bible
Psalms 119

There are 150 songs in the hymnbook of God’s people widely known as the Psalms. They are filled with the glories of God and how God’s children respond to His glory through expressions of gratitude, praise, adoration, and love. The writer couldn’t stop or pause but kept writing. His heart was filled to overflowing like a never-ending fountain and unstoppable river of the musical exuberance of the expressions of his heart. These expressions touch us today and impact our lives to the extent of our feelings of love and commitment towards our God and His Word.
My Response
Is my heart a source of exuberance because of my experience with God’s Word? How many things do I have to say about God’s Word? When the Psalmist has 176 things to say about God’s Word before Calvary, will I have at least one great experience with God’s Word in my life because of Calvary? Do I have starting trouble with the fountain of expressions because of the entanglement of my life and heart with the world that is around me? Will the love of God and the power of His Word release me from the clutches of the world and worldliness and my fleshly desires? Who will recognize the fountain of living water in my life, if any? How to accentuate the river of living water in my life? Will the heart of Jesus be thrilled to see the exuberance of reverence I have flowing from my heart because of His Word in action in my life?
“Oh, how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long.” Psalms 119:97