Sunday, September 30, 2012


A Call to Return!
Verse for Today: Sunday, September 30, 2012
Genesis 13:3 & 4 – From the Negev (Abram) went from place to place until he came to Bethel . . . . . . . .  where he had first built an altar. There Abram called on the name of the Lord.
Departure from the presence of God and His altar is dangerous for the child of God. As in the case of Abram, such departure turns our eyes to the world and its riches and takes away our vision, call and commitment to the Lord. It tempts us to make filthy lucre and to lie to the world in order to earn reputation, honor and security. It takes us away from the Lord’s alter and tempts us to worship the world and its lords instead. It proves to us that whatever we make from the world will ruin our souls and all others who travel with us, as in the case of Lot. But there is a way back to God and it starts with the conviction of our sins and the foolish decisions that we have taken. Such convictions of our hearts lead us to true repentance. When God forgives a truly repentant believer, he is led back to His altars.  Our repentant worship at the altar of God is the testimony that we have rejected the claims of the world on our souls and that we have forsaken the popularity, prestige, possessions, positions and prominence that the world offers us.  There is joy in heaven when we thus come back to the Lord in utter confession and repentance and submit ourselves as true worship and to sacrifice all that we have and are to the Lord. Today we are confronted with the lessons of confession and repentance of Abram and His subsequent return to the Lord’s altars.  The Lord wants to teach us valuable lessons from the failures of Abram and warns us that if we do not repent, we cannot get back to His alters. It is an opportunity for us to once again hand our lives and our concerns over to the Lord at His alter and trust Him to lead us forward in His pathways.
Dear reader, are you confronted with the burden of your physical and social needs to consider going back to the world that you once left behind? Are your concerns so heavy as to make you feel that perhaps the Lord might lead you to the world to pick up some help and support? Remember, the Lord never tempts His children to choose the wrong things of this world. It is the world, our flesh and Satan who tempt us. One way by which we do not become susceptible to such temptation is to stay in the Lord’s presence and at His altar and lead a life of worship and service to Him. When we take our eyes off the crucified Savior, the enemies will try to expose and attract us to the world’s riches and honor which offers us temporary satisfaction. But soon we will see that these bubbles will break and we will be exposed to frustration, shame, embarrassment and ruined testimony and lead even our kith and kin to go to the world as in the case of Abram and Lot. But if we hold on to the horns of the altar of God and keep sacrificing all that we are and have to Him, He will see to it that our needs are met at His expense rather than from the filthy pockets of the world. He owns the cattle of a thousand hills and all the gold and silver of this universe.  He will meet our every need and carry our every burden if we dwell in His shadow and shelter. Let us not give ourselves the opportunity to be tempted, but keep perennially dependent on our Lord and Him alone. Let us continue to worship Him and give ourselves to Him as holy sacrifice. Let us confess and repent of all the digressions and detours that we have taken to gain the filthy lucre of this world and keep leaning on to our Lord’s everlasting arms every day of our lives.
Psalms 91:14 – “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.”
Thought for Today
The Altar of the Lord opens the eyes of His worshipful children to His riches and glory which He wants to share with them. 
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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Self-sacrificing worship!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Genesis 12:8b – There (Abram) built an altar to the LORD and called on the name of the LORD.
Abram’s sojourn had two major characteristics. One was that wherever he went, he dwelt in tents, indicating his readiness to move whenever the Lord asked him to keep going forward. Secondly, wherever he went, Abram built altars to worship the Lord. He realized the importance of sacrificing to the Lord which was a mark of sacrifice of his self. He always lived in the shadow of sacrifice which declared that all that He had was to be continuously put on the altar and thus given to the Lord. All that he was and had were to be sacrifice to the Lord because nothing was greater than the Lord. He demonstrated that he was ready to be burned for the Lord whose glory he saw at Ur and several times later.  He was so much lost in the glory of the Lord that he kept demonstrating his willingness to totally surrender to the Lord in the form of regular sacrifices. He never stopped with one sacrifice, but kept at it as often as he could. He was also willing to publicly worship the Lord without apologies or embarrassment. He had the boldness to stand firm about his relationship with his Lord which made him publicly worship His Lord. He was always interested in expensive worship as he sacrificed something precious. Today Abram speaks to us loudly and clearly and challenges us to be bold in our relationship with our Lord and demonstrate our love to Him openly. But it can come only on the basis of our vision of our Lord. If we have seen His glory, as did Abraham in Ur and later in Haran and other places, we would have definitely worshipped Him like Abram and sacrificed our best for Him. Abram met with the Lord daily and renewed his vision of the glory of the Lord which helped him to keep worshipping Him. If our life of worship is shallow, it would indicate our blurred vision of the Lord. Today Abram and his worship come as a challenge to us because if Abram worshipped so much even with the pre-Calvary vision of the Lord, how much should we be worshipping the Lord because we have seen the glory of the risen Lord!
Dear reader, have you seen the glory of the Lord with the spiritual eyes He has opened? If you see the Lord in His glory, all that you see around will become shadows and would mean nothing to you. If we want to see the glory of our Lord, we must seek after Him in His Word and sit in His presence. Thus when we see Him, we would be willing to sacrifice all that we are and have for Him. Then our concern would be our Lord and His matters rather than the smokescreens of wealth, prestige and popularity that we see around us. When we are thus captivated by the glory of the Lord, we would forget about the cares and burdens of this life and surrender our circumstances to Him and rest a while. We would then be willing to give up all that we have for the One who gave up all that He had in heaven to come and die for us on the cross of Calvary. It is then that we would have the holy boldness to stand strong for the Lord openly without fear or embarrassment. Today the Lord Jesus is challenging us through the life of Abram to publicly demonstrate our love to Him by our willingness to sacrifice our best in this world for Him. Abram sacrificed out of His love and reverence to the Lord and his experience challenges us to demonstrate our willingness to sacrifice our best for the Lord.
Luke 9:24b – For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for Me will save it.
Thought for Today
The quality of our worship will depend on the quality of vision we have about our Lord.
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Monday, September 10, 2012


Obedience of Faith!
Verse for Today:  Monday, September 10, 2012
Genesis 12:2 – I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.
When God makes a promise to man, it is a promise of grace. God doesn’t need to make promises to the undeserving because no one merits any favor from God. But it pleases God to make promises, out of His grace, to us by which He gives us what we do not deserve. When God makes promises, He expects man to respond positively to each promise. God promised Abram that He would make him a great nation,  and God expected Abram to leave all that he had including his native land and all relatives to go to an unknown land that was yet to be shown to him. Response from Abram has to be the result of Abram’s vision of the glory of God. If he stays in the Chaldean city of Ur or even Haran which is closer to Canaan, it won’t be possible to receive the promised blessing. There are often temptations of various kinds to stay back or stay on the wayside rather than go forward. But the promise must involve a response by faith and in obedience. All the blessings promised to Abram have been waiting, as long as he stayed at Haran, because his response was partial. He started well, but didn’t end where he should have ended. Abram received the promise to become the father of many nations, but he was a childless father at that time. So the promise necessarily involved children to be born to him. Unless Abram was willing to take God at His Word and take the steps of faith, he would not quality to receive the blessings that are set apart for him.  Abram had the great challenge to go to a new place that was yet to be seen, with the expectation of a series of blessings including becoming a blessing to others. Today God wants to make all of His children a great blessing to others if only we respond to His call with full obedience. Our disobedience and faithlessness often stand on our way to accomplishing God’s best in our lives.
Dear reader, do you feel that you are falling short of what God has promised? Do you often wonder why you are not reaching where you ought to have reached and why God’s promises are not being fulfilled in your life? But a closer look at the Word of God shows us doubtlessly that God expects us to obey Him unconditionally without which many of His promises cannot become a reality in our lives. The obedience of God’s children is indispensable for them to receive blessings from the Lord. If we are disobedient, we lose our privilege to pray to Him and ask for blessings because we have already grieved the Lord and His Spirit through our disobedience. Abraham had to obey the call, separate himself from all others in his land including his kith and kin and prove to God that he believed in God unconditionally. He had to believe that he was a father of the multitude in waiting, which was what he did. Abraham’s life is a challenge and a platform for us to learn how faith works through obedience in the lives of God’s children. In other words, God proves to us that He is not out there to simply distribute good things to all who ask Him. In fact, He gives specific blessings to those who are obedient and have full faith in Him. When we do not get answers to our prayers, we need to examine our lives to see the areas where we have fallen short of full and unconditional obedience to His commands and straighten out our lives with Him. Of course, if we ask, He will give us the strength to obey Him.  Even our obedience and faith emanate from God through His power and strength which He gives to those who seek after Him. Let us today ask God in prayer to give us the strength to believe on Him and claim His promises by the faith which He imparts in our souls.
Hebrews 11:8 – By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he didn’t know where he was going.  
Thought for Today
Faith walks on obedience lane to reach the promises of God. 
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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Cry from the depth!
Verse for Today:  Sunday, September 09, 2012
Psalms 130:1 – Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.
The cry of the Psalmist points to the depth into which God’s children would be sometimes pushed down by people and situations. But just as in the case of Jonah in the belly of the fish, the child of God can be conscious of the presence and nearness of God so that He can be called upon. The Holy Spirit who dwells in us reminds us to call upon the Lord even in the depth of our hopelessness. The enemy always tries to engulf God’s children in problems. He uses people, circumstances and things to create settings to push us into pits from which we would find it difficult to come out on our own. The enemy will use all his powers to force us down physically through weaknesses and sickness. He would use psychological pressure through frustration and hopelessness. He would make the circumstances cumbersome and chaotic. The depth often has mire from which it is difficult to come up, and the more strength we use, the deeper we will go. From such a depth, when our strategies fail us, we will see that our trust in the Lord alone would give us hope to hang in there until help comes from our Lord. Like the Psalmist, there are times when we conclude that we would never come out of the pit. Probably Joseph and Jeremiah had such thoughts haunting them while in the pit and in the broken cistern. Perhaps such thought would have been used to add distress to the heart of Daniel while he was in the lion’s den. But the Lord and His power made it possible for safe delivery for all His children to come out of the depths. When waves beat us, our Lord gives us cover. When the mire pushes us down, the Lord pulls us up. He makes it clear to us that we do not escape out of our own strength and strategy, but solely because of the Lord’s power and His timely intervention. A resurrection awaits the crucifixion. An elevation awaits imprisonment as in the case of Joseph. There is deliverance from the fiery furnace and the lion’s den. Today our Lord hears us when we cry out from the depths and He will extend His mighty hands to pull us out at the right time and continue to use us for His glory.
Dear friend, are you in a hopeless situation today and feeling like you are in the depth of mire of circumstances and relationships? Do you feel that you are fast going down and that there is no scope for you to come out? But your cries are still heard by your Lord. He is attentive to your prayers and He sees your tears. He knows the seriousness of your situation much better than you know. He is near you as you call. Perhaps He will begin to lift you up only when you lose all your trust in your own capacity to get out of the mire and the depth. It is when all your strength wanes and all your efforts become futile that His power and strength begin to work in your situation. But rest assured that your prayers will definitely be answered. Your tears will not go waste. Your sob and heartache will find a solace in the Lord’s presence. He will not allow you to sink deeper. He will answer you at the right time and will never be late. As you keep crying to the Lord, He keeps working behind the scene to lift you up. As He pulls you out, He will wash you clean of all the dirt from your difficult circumstances and put you on the right path on your pilgrimage. Today let us confide in our Lord who hears our cries and acts at the right time to pull us out of our difficult circumstances.
Psalms 40:2 – He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He sets my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
Thought for Today
No depth of problems is too far to prevent our cries from reaching the ears of the Lord.
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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Comfort zone to Alter and Field!
Verse for Today:  Saturday, September 08, 2012
Genesis 8:18 – So Noah came out (from the ark), together with his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives.
There is a time to rest by faith, but it is followed with a time to go out to work by faith. It is the Lord who administers rest for us and dwells with us as we rest under the cover of the ark of safety and salvation. But when salvation is fully appreciated, it brings forth a challenge to go out and put the faith into practice. There is the assurance that the same Lord who gives us rest in His grace is with us to give us grace in our work for Him. Noah had the fellowship of his family as he rested and is now able to enjoy the fellowship of his family as he begins to worship and work. But it is important to see that before we start to work for the Lord, we must present ourselves as living sacrifice at His alter so that He can have all that we are and have to put to His use. The work that Noah did was a reflection of the worship he had where Noah was fully the Lord’s before it is demonstrated in what He did for the Lord. In all of this, Noah was a wonderful example to his family who saw the genuineness of his faith and so they followed him in worship and work. Today Noah speaks to us about enjoying the rest, worship and work that are part of God’s design for us. We are not to dwell in the place of rest forever, but to come out to publicly worship the Lord and to pour out all that we are and have to Him in the work which then becomes worship.  It is worth noting that all the energy Noah had to work came from the Lord. The land was the Lord’s and the seasons were His, along with the opportunity to work. Above all, Noah was the Lord’s as He redeemed His soul and body form the wrath through the ark. Noah came out of his comfort zone to worship and work. It is a challenge for us to come out of our comfort zones to worship meaningfully and work with full commitment for the Lord. As we worship and work for the Lord, He meets all our needs according to His riches.
Dear reader, are you locked up in your comfort zone of education, covetable employment, successful business, desirable quality of life, amassed wealth, popularity and prestige? It is time to come out of it all and demonstrate that you belong to the Lord with all that you have. It is time to surrender yourself to the Lord to do what He wants you to do. It is time to use all your energy to work for the Lord in planting character, relationships, family and testimony. It is time to fetch the water of life and irrigate all that we plant for the Lord. It is time to use our efforts at weeding and pruning our vineyards so that the Lord will get crops out of our gardens. As we plant for the Lord, He will meet our needs from it. This was how Noah, Abraham, Paul and others served the Lord. Today we are challenged to give up our comfort zones for greater blessings which enlarge over a period of time. If we continue to sit inside the ark, we would not enlarge our territories. It is time to sense the time to know that our safety ride is over and that it is time to start public worship and toil for the Lord. Spiritual progress and prosperity awaits us as we worship and work for the Lord. Our Lord will enlarge our territories and bring greater fruitfulness in our lives and ministries as we toil for Him by faith. When we thus worship and serve the Lord, we would not find weariness, but will have the thrill of expectancy.  
Luke 9:24 – For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.  
Thought for Today
Those who worship the Lord and work for the Lord by faith will reap by faith.
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Friday, September 7, 2012


He Shuts and He Opens!
Verse for Today: Friday, September 07, 2012
Genesis 7:16b – Then the Lord shut (Noah) in.
We serve the Lord who knows all our ways to be able to shut some doors at sometime and open the same or other doors at other times. When He shuts the doors it is always for our good, for no good thing will He ever withhold from His children. Sometimes He shuts a door because we are not ready to enter that door. But when we are ready for it, He will open the same door to let us in. Sometimes He shuts a door so that no undesirable element will enter into the place we occupy. At other times, He shuts us in to teach us that we are in His hands and under His care. He also shuts doors to cut us off from the rest of the world to prevent us from the catastrophe that is around us. Our Lord shuts or opens doors according to His infinite wisdom for our good. He shuts us off to protect us from destruction as in the case of Noah and his family. But when the destruction around Noah was over, the Lord opened the same door to usher in a new era. The Lord brought him and his family into a new beginning with new blessings and fresh opportunities including a rainbow. When the Lord shut the door with His own hands, no one could open it to bring trouble for Noah. So also, when the Lord opened the door to new vistas, no one could prevent the new blessings from flowing into Noah. When the door of protection is shut by the mighty hands of the Lord, no force will open it. When the door of opportunity is opened by the creative hands of the Lord, no force on earth will dare to shut it. Moreover, our Lord knows what door to open or shut at what time and place for our blessings. Let us today praise God for the doors He shuts to protect us from trouble. Let us praise Him for the doors of opportunity that He opens at His time. Of course, we have to learn to wait for Him to shut or open the right door at the right time.
Dear reader, are you frustrated that a certain door is shut in front of you? Are negative thoughts creeping in your mind as to why that door is shut? If you are in tune with the Spirit of God and if He so fills your heart with His peace, you will recognize that the hands which shut the door were your Lord’s loving and protective hands. He will never shut you off from blessings and will not plunge you into trouble because He is your compassionate and caring Father. He knows all about the various doors which are around you through which trouble or blessings come and so He will open or shut doors according to His unmistakable wisdom. His timing is also perfect as He shut the door to the ark so that not a drop of water will enter the ark. He shut the door early for all the living beings inside to settle properly rather than rush in and scramble. As the rain poured in, the passengers in the ark had a smooth ride by faith until the wrath was over and the Lord allowed the ark to land smoothly when the trouble was over. He proves to us that His timing is the best and His leading is comfortable. But we can enjoy it if we take Him at His Word and are willing to be content with His leading by faith. So dear reader, there is no need for you to be frustrated about the closed doors which are for your good. He wants you to be in His presence and rest a while until you are ready for new opportunities and situations. Till new responsibilities and ministries are ready, He allows you to rest a while and be rejuvenated in your spirit and body. Let us today praise the Lord for all the doors that He has shut in front of us and look forward for Him to open the right doors at the right time and place for us to enter into new vistas of opportunities and ministries.  
Revelation 3:7b – What He opens no-one can shut, and what He shuts no-one can open.
Thought for Today
Blessed are those who receive the grace to perceive the shut and open doors of the Lord as part of the divine plan for them.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Comfort on the way!
Verse for Today: Thursday, September 06, 2012
Genesis 5:29 – Lamech named him Noah and said, “He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed.”
It is great to be able to expect and look for comfort from God in the midst of the worst scenario, enjoy that comfort and keep going when the going gets tough. Lamech had the grace to live in the wake of God’s comfort and enjoy it when his circumstances refused him comfort, peace and hope. His father Methuselah continued to live as the oldest man on earth, as a symbol of God’s impending judgment as well as His redemption. As Lamech looked at Methuselah and Noah, he had enough reasons to put his trust in the Lord who was at work in his family and in the world around him. He was an insightful man, knowing and believing that God had given him a son as a sign that God’s comfort was on the way. The God of Lamech is our God who sends us words of comfort through His Word about what He is doing in our generation and in our lives. This God of comfort and the Father of all mercies is with us today to comfort and strengthen us to meet the challenges of the enemy territory that we live in. We are called upon to live as sojourners in this world to testify to the wonder working power of our Lord. He uses us as comfort to the rest of the world that He will come back to straighten out the mess that is around us in this world. Today He is our comfort, rest and strength to keep us going no matter what we are going through. He will keep us unhurt in a hurting world. He is our healer, peace and hope to keep going by putting all our hope, faith and trust in Him. Lamech saw God’s comfort from a distance and trusted the God who gave him Noah. We have the comfort of God living in our hearts through His Spirit and His written Word to keep us going. Today we can look unto the Author and Finisher of our faith to comfort us in the midst of hopelessness, chaos and confusions and to keep us going.
Hello dear reader, if you are living in hopeless circumstances and are burdened about the way people and events turn around to make your life more difficult, rest assured that God’s comfort is available for you today to lay hold on. His comfort is deposited in your heart the moment you trusted Jesus as your Savior. His Spirit of comfort lives in your heart to encourage you to believe on every promise in His Word. His Spirit speaks to you as long as you have not quenched His power through disobedience. Today the Lord tells you that even if you go through the most dangerous and difficult circumstance, He will find security and safety for you and will hold us in the palm of His hands. No force on earth will be able to pluck us from His hands of protection and security. He encompasses around you with His shadow. He fortifies you with His Spirit so that the mighty winds that blow against you will not uproot you. His presence guards you against the storms and the waves that beat against you. When you are weak, He pours more of His strength into your hearts. When you are sad and frustrated, the great comfort and joy of your Lord will come to fill you so that you will be able to weather away the difficult situations that try to intimidate you. Today let us look at the storms and winds with a smile as we enjoy the Lord’s comfort. Let us go forward with confidence and courage because the comfort of our Lord is in our hearts as the great driving force through our sojourn.
2 Corinthians 1:3 – Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.
Thought for Today
God’s sufficiency to help us meet all challenges in life is the greatest comfort we have in this life.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


God is still at work!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Genesis 4:26 – Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time men began to call on the name of the LORD.
The brutal murder of Abel and the culture of revenge took away the desire for worship of God from people. The generation of Cain was one of murder and revenge and at the same time ventured into development of technology, housing, cattle breeding, music and metallurgy. The world enhanced quality of life and progress in every walk of life at the cost of forgetting God. There was no worship during those years until God raised up another saintly person by the name Seth during whose time Seth’s family and descendants went back to prayer and worship of God.  Today we find the technologically advanced world is fast forgetting God and replacing Him with innovation, knowledge and newer lifestyles which are an abomination in the sight of God as in the days of Seth, Enoch and Noah. The time of the generation of Cain was one of jubilation in hell because the satanic forces were successful in removing the worship of God from human hearts. It was a time of hopelessness for the people of God who were an insignificant minority. But we see how God works behind the scene to sustain and perpetuate the fear of the Lord in the hearts of people! The hopelessness turned into bright hope when God brought to the scene saintly people like Enoch, Methuselah and Noah. The preaching of the Word resumed through lives surrendered to God. God spoke about the good news of salvation through the ark which was a picture of Jesus Christ. But God also warned people about rejecting His plan of salvation. It is being repeated today when God continues to speak to the world about His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ and the message of warning for those who reject His gospel. This scenario gives us hope that even when things are bleak and blurred, God works behind the scene to fulfill His plan for this world and for all His dear children. Let us take courage and hope in our Lord who works behind the scene to fulfill His promises for His children even in a hopeless world.
Hello dear reader, are you exasperated because of the hopelessness that you find around you in your life situation? Are you tempted to think that the enemy of your soul has secured major upset against you? The life of Seth and Enosh reassures you that when you are in a hopeless situation, your God is still at work in your life to fulfill His promises. His program of redemption and rebuilding will not be blocked by the enemy. His plan for your life will be accomplished in spite of the forces of darkness around you. When things don’t seem to move as you desire, be assured that your Lord is working it out for you. When the forces of darkness seem to flourish, your Lord is still at work behind the scene to renew your life and kindle hope in you. He will rekindle the hearts of the elect to call upon His name and worship Him. If you are frustrated about the seeming faithlessness around, believe that the Lord will still builds up a minority for Himself. Even when others write you off, the Lord will renew your life and situation to establish His testimony through your life. The world will continue with its technological advancement to sabotage the plan of God, but our God will prevail over all the iniquities and lawlessness that is around.  Even if you are forgotten and written off by those around you, your Lord will strengthen and rebuild you to hold fast the faith that has been entrusted once and for all with the saints. So dear friend, don’t quit or give up hope in the Lord and His promises. Continue relentlessly to seek after God’s kingdom and His righteousness and He will come at the right time to meet all your needs and strengthen you to stand strong in your generation for His glory.
Isaiah 6:13b – But as the terebinth and the oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.
Thought for Today
God works behind the scene in our most hopeless circumstances to accomplish His purpose in and through our lives.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Ruler or Slave?
Verse for Today: Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Genesis 1:28 – God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”
It was God’s desire that human beings become rulers over all that they see around them. They were created as kings and queens with authority, power and strength to control and govern all other creatures and their environment. But sadly man lost control over himself and all that is around because he disobeyed God’s command. Consequently man became a slave to all that has been around. He finds limitations in all relationships in all his spheres of activity. Not only that, he has also lost control over his will, emotions and desires and has become a slave to his natural instincts and that of others around him. But God in His infinite wisdom has prepared a way for man to become ruler through the plan of redemption. Those who trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord will have the privilege to rule over their will, emotions, circumstances and situations by faith and through the power of the Holy Spirit. But this can be accomplished only through the exercise of faith based on the Word of God. By faith, today we can have victory over all emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, envy, doubt, desire and satisfaction. But for this to happen, our natural man with all angularities will have to be crucified, killed and buried so that a new person would emerge. When we live in this newness of life, we will be able to enjoy the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit to be triumphant over all our situations, circumstances and emotions. It is a battle for our minds to be perpetually and perennially surrendered to the Lord Jesus as a mark of our love to Him for loving us unconditionally. Today He wants to give us victory over all our circumstances and emotions as He comes to fill us with Himself, His Spirit and His eternal Word. If we are willing to surrender, crucify, kill and bury our old person, we can become rulers in our new person over all that tries to defeat or subdue us.
Hello friend, are you a defeated person today as your situations and emotions control your actions and attitudes? Are you being suppressed and oppressed by your situations, other people and your own emotions like anxiety, fear and envy? But there is no need for you to succumb to the pressures of all that is around you. You can have victory over all your situations and emotions through Jesus Christ. When you surrender to Him, you become His, to do what He is pleased with. When you surrender your emotions to be crucified, the Lord will strengthen you with His Spirit to have control over your regenerated emotions. You will then not be afraid of your situations, but will claim victory over it all and live as a ruler, marching from victory to victory on a moment by moment basis. The authority you lost over all your situations and emotions through Adam has been reestablished for you through the death of Jesus Christ. All you have to do is to appropriate it by faith and claim victory over all that is around you through Jesus Christ to live as rulers for the glory of God. This opportunity to live as spiritual rulers over all intimidating forces is available to you to enjoy today to live by faith in all your situations no matter how painful or difficult it might be. So dear reader, don’t you allow yourself to be subdued by your circumstances or emotions, but surrender yourself to Jesus Christ out of your true love and loyalty to Him. The path to victory is available for you to possess and live as rulers by faith. Will you walk the pathway of spiritual adventures of faith as spiritual rulers?
Romans 8:37 – No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through (Jesus) who loved us.
Thought for Today
Surrendering to Jesus is the sure way to be renewed in our souls to become rulers over all that tries to subdue us.
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Monday, September 3, 2012


Bright Light on Dark Pathways!
Verse for Today: Sunday, September 02, 2012
Psalms 118:27a – The LORD is God, and He has made His light shine upon us.
Today God has a special message to those who are groping in darkness and confusion about the next step to take in their lives. Our Lord is light and He lives in unapproachable brightness. When He enters our dark circumstances, all confusions and doubts disappear. Perhaps there are situations in your life today which leave you doubtful about which way to turn to. The enemy of your soul who is the author of all confusion and doubt comes into clutter your situations with seemingly good alternatives to choose from. Your natural instinct could be to choose the most intelligent and logical alternative. It is at this time that your Lord who is the Light asks you to invite Him into your situation and make Him the Lord of all your circumstances. When you hand your life and situations over to Him, He comes in to shed His bright light to remove all darkness, confusion and doubt. He sheds His light over you through His bright presence and His Word which is both a lamp and a light to your pathways and your feet so that you will not take a single step in the wrong direction. As you ask the Lord for light, He first gives you patience to look at your situation in His light. His light makes you examine your heart to see how much you are committed to Him and His ways so that you can straighten out your heart with Him. His light helps you to renew your life, vision, love and loyalty to Him. It is then that you will be able to see the next step in front of you without prejudice. The pathway the Lord shows you might not be considered by the world around you as intelligent, logical and smart. So the world with its strategies of vanity and cunningness will try to pull you back from the pathway of the Lord. Your love and commitment to the Lord will then have to exhibit your loyalty to Him and His ways no matter what the consequences. The world might tell you how foolish and unintelligent the Lord’s pathway is. But the Lord’s way is the best way with the most blessed finish line when He holds your hands and takes you forward into eternity with Him. Today He wants to brighten your pathway with His light so that you will be on the sure route to the destination He has paved for you.

Dear friend, there is a challenge before you today to choose the Lord’s pathway to go forward. There you will find His footsteps before you and His light will brighten your path to show His footprints to keep your feet on. You need to take the step of faith and wait for Him to show you each step of the way moment by moment. Then your confusion and doubt will give way to faith to trust your Lord to take you forward. Remember, He holds your hands and you should allow Him to hold you. This is surrender to His will out of your ardent love for Him.  Trust in Him to take you forward to the right destination. It is impossible to make a mistake when you trust in the Lord and walk in His brightness. The enemy might try to convince you that you are on a foolish path, but this was the path that the prophets and the apostles took as outlined in the Word of God. Remember, He is the only way and His pathway is the only sure route to bliss with satisfaction guaranteed for eternity. Today is your opportunity to trust your Lord to take you forward in the paths of righteousness. Jesus is your light who also wants to make you a light for those around you who are groping in darkness. Will you bear His light in your heart and guide others into His pathway?

Psalms 36:9 – For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.   

Thought for Today
Our commitment and loyalty to the Lord will help us to see His light which will remove doubts and confusions from our pathways.

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