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Verse for Today: Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Matthew 8:27 - The men were amazed and asked, "What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey Him!"

The disciples of Jesus had no difficulty to understand the need for people to obey Him. But they never expected that nature and its forces would also obey Him. When they experienced the wind and the fierce storm in the sea and how the Lord Jesus intervened to stop the storm, they were amazed at the way nature responded to His commands. Such disbelief is seen in the world today. Sometimes such feelings are there even among God's people. It is one thing for us to read in the Bible about the power Jesus has over nature, but when it comes to believing that Jesus could exert control over nature in our own circumstances, it becomes amazing. The seeming disbelief would prevent us from expecting Jesus to control our environment, and so we are often not bold enough to pray for the Lord to intervene to stop a rain, wind or even waves. This feeling prevents us from praying for Jesus' intervention in nature to facilitate His children. When Jesus intervenes in our circumstances, we are astonished. This incident is accounted for in the Bible to speak to us today that no matter what force is against us, we should believe that the Lord is capable of removing the hindrances to facilitate our safe passage forward. It also encourages us to go to Jesus with the prayer that the hindrance in nature, environment or from people would be removed for us to go forward in our daily walk with the Lord. It is through these interventions that we come to know and experience the Lord more intimately and deeply in our daily lives. The Lord opens our eyes to see Him and His glory through His mighty acts for us.

Dear reader, you have the freedom today to ask the Lord to help you out of your difficult situations because the Lord Jesus is the Lord of all situations. He is able to control the nature and the environment to allow His children to enjoy a safe passage forward. We are neither to retreat nor to take detours because He is able to open a way in front of us no matter what hinders us. He can control the sea billows, stop the heavenly bodies on their orbits and change the direction of waves, wind, water, fire and other elements which were all created by Him. All of these elements and forces in nature obey Him unconditionally because they are under His authority. When Jesus exerts His power over nature, we are able to see His glory revealed in it. Through it all, the Lord Jesus expects us to have unreserved faith in His might to save us in the wake of any calamity in our situations. He saves us from the storms people create in our situations too. But He sometimes takes us through the storms to teach us faith and to test the level of our trust in Him. He wants to know whether we give lip service to our faith or we truly put all our trust in Him. He also makes us to marvel at His glory as it is revealed to us through His interventions in our circumstances. Let us today put all our faith in the Lord in all our circumstances and learn to trust Him to pave our way forward according to His will. Let us trust Him to intervene when it is necessary so that all hindrances on our way will be replaced with His glory on the wings of His praise. As He reveals His glory through our circumstances, it causes us to marvel at Him and to give Him all our allegiance, undivided devotion and absolute dependence.

Psalms 107:8 - Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men.

Thought for Today
Our amazement about the power and glory of our Lord will take the whole eternity to unfold to our great astonishment and wonder which will cause us to praise Him.

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