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Verse for Today: Sunday, November 17, 2013

Proverbs 3:26 – The Lord will be your confidence and He will keep your foot from being snared.

We are often pulled back from going forward because of the fear of snares that might be planted on our way. Thoughts of snares and their consequences send shock-waves to us. Snares are great mental blocks which kill our confidence. Many hide their talents in the soil of snares and grieve the Spirit of God. Snares are planted on our way by the enemy of our souls to prevent us from accomplishing God’s plans for our lives. Snares kept the Israelites from entering the Promised Land for forty years. But Nehemiah knew how to challenge snares and put his confidence in God to complete the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in record time. Paul’s life was full of snares, but he was relentless and never retreated. Joseph was able to weather away the snares the enemy planted on his way and he accomplished God’s plan for his life by faith. These great witnesses show us the way to go forward without fear of snares. But our God gives us confidence to go forward, trusting Him to accomplish His plans in our lives. He wants us to look at Him and not at the snares. We are not led by the snares, but by the power of God. Our confidence is in God and not in our own might to push open the way in the midst of snares. Our God goes before us to keep our feet from getting caught in the snares planted by the enemy. Today He gives us more opportunities to trust Him and draw confidence from His Spirit to attempt great things for Him rather than get frightened with the snares which threaten us.

Dear friend, are you developing phobia because of the snares which the enemy plants on your way today? Are you contemplating to pull back from God’s pathway because of some of the defeatist weapons of the enemy on your way? Is your confidence in the victorious Lord and His power to take you forward by overcoming the snares of the enemy?  Today the Lord comes to strengthen your sagging enthusiasm and pours His confidence in your soul to keep going. The snares will always be there, but they need not deter you from going forward. The Spirit of God is your guiding force. Your confidence comes from the Powerhouse of God. Your confidence is fired up by the power of faith in your Lord. He wants you to attempt great things from Him. When you pray and claim victory over the snares, sometimes the Lord comes to remove the snares. At other times He takes you through the snares of wind and waves in the sea of life. He gives you great catch of fish even when the fish eludes you all night. The snare of the ‘mere’ five loaves and two fish is no deterrent for Him to feed your multitudes. The ‘delayed’ arrival of the Lord is not a snare, but to fortify your faith to keep trusting Him. The snare of the old age was not a deterrent for Abraham to still believe and receive a child. The broken thigh was not a snare, but an extra strength to walk forward by faith for years to come for Jacob. So dear friend, there is no need for you to be afraid of the snares planted on your pathway by the enemy. Just put all your confidence in the Lord and His mighty power to accomplish all that He wants out of your life. It is our opportunity to walk the mile with Jesus in an adventure of faith without fear or anxiety.

Hebrews 10:35 – So do no throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

Thought for Today
Confidence and trust in the Lord is the rock which crushes any snare of the enemy on our way.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me to put all my confidence in Your power to lead me in spite of the snares that might be on my way. Amen!

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