Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Verse for Today
Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

When we go through certain situations or experiences, they do not seem to be for our good. We pick up a lot of misery and pain in such situations. Sometimes, we have heavy loss of opportunities, material possessions and even dignity, and we feel the sense of loss which seems irrevocable. At other times, we go through mishaps in life which are painful and quite intimidating. We wonder why these things are happening to us and why God is allowing these in our lives. It might come in the form of job or financial loss, or even a promotion in the job. It sometimes takes the shape of a business failure. It comes as loss of friendship and fellowship, as we are abandoned by those who are close to us. We face hindrances of one sort or other in our Christian walk and wonder why. It might be that you miss a train, bus or flight connection and are held up on the way and miss an important meeting or appointment. But we do not need to be too much bothered about these and similar situations because our God knows why these are happening and He works behind the scene for us. He makes all these losses or difficulties work together for our good. Even though these losses are not good in themselves, God can work it together with other things to make some good come out of it ultimately. A classic example of this is what Joseph went through. He was separated from his father, put in a broken cistern, sold as a salve, amd suffered loss of job and dignity. His employer put him in a prison for undefined period. But God worked it all for good and lifted him up from the prison to become the second person in Egypt. He and his brothers understood the hand of God in it all, but it took them some time to realize it. God worked in situations of sickness, storms, waves, drought, famine, failure, defeat, captivity, delays of various kind and even imprisonment for good for His beloved children and made it all for good for them. The pages of the Bible and church history are crowded with millions of such experiences. The same God works to make good out of bad situations for His children who love Him, because He has a purpose and plan for them. None of these seemingly negative incidents and experiences will ever be able to stand on the way to thwart God's plan and purpose for us.

Dear friend, are you at present going through painful and difficult experiences for which you have no explanations? Are you wondering why these are happening to you? Remember, God has a wonderful plan for you and He is working behind the scene to make all these seemingly unpleasant and confusing events work together for your good. At present, you may not have any clue as to how it will work together for your good, but as time goes on, you will realize why. So all you need to do is to trust in the Lord for His careful hands in working for you even through difficult circumstances. No matter what the bad situations are and how difficult it is to go through it, be confident in the Lord that He will work it all together for your good. This is a divine promise and it will definitely be fulfilled. Perhaps you need not know how it is going to work together, and you might never know how the hand of God works this out for you. It need not be for your material benefit, but will certainly work together for your spiritual growth and strength. When God finally makes His ways known to you, it will cause you to rejoice in Him and praise Him for His mercy to you. You will probably be able to praise Him for even those bad experiences that you had to go through, for if you had not gone through such situations, you would not have learned the big lessons that you are now learning in life. So let us praise God in advance for each of our situations, whether good or otherwise, because God is going to bring something good out of it to cause us to have spiritual benefit and to praise Him.

Genesis 50:20 - You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Thought for Today
Through painful events and circumstances in and around us, God gives us the reassurance that He is still working in and for us to put it all together for our good and His glory.
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