Monday, November 21, 2011


Never or sure losers!!

Verse for Today: Monday, November 21, 2011

Lamentations 3:24 – I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.”

There are a lot of people in this world who work hard and fight for their portion of assets, position, power or prestige in this world. They are not keen to wait, and want to use quick means and methods to acquire their portion. Once they obtain it, their effort will turn to sustain it. It gives them great pleasure to feel the ownership of their portions in this life. But they do not realize that they can keep it only till they pass away from this world. Their hope about their portion in this world is for a short time. Many do not enjoy it because they want to save it for a rainy day, but they are unable to see it being utilized meaningfully. Thus man toils hard to obtain and sustain assets which they do not enjoy and wonder why they work hard any way. But for the children of God, the perspective is expected to be very different. They realize that there is no permanency for their earthly possessions. So they use the goodness that their Lord gives them to sustain them here on earth to serve Him and to give to the underprivileged. God is their portion and the greatest gift they receive while one earth. This gift is most precious and it lasts throughout eternity. They receive eternal life while here on earth and this is the life of the Lord that is given to them. He is visible in their lives and He becomes their everything and all. The Lord is their focus and goal in life and He is their permanent companion, philosopher and guide. He is their protector, provider and partner in life to accomplish His purpose in their lives. They are so glad to claim Him to be their portion and live with the confidence and strength this relationship gives them. Their aim is not to get any temporary and destructible portions in this world. They always wait for their Lord to be their first and foremost portion in life here and hereafter. In all that they do, their desire is to do it with the Lord and so they wait for Him and His time. Their life is filled with Him, His glory and His goodness and so they lack no good thing in this life.

Dear friend, is there a lingering satisfaction in your life because Jesus has become your portion? Are you in any way disappointed that your possessions are not up to the level of your craving? Do you desire more and more positions, prestige, power and prominence in this life? Is our heart telling you to go for more and more things and positions in this world? Is the community in which you live challenging you to be more and more successful in this life? Are you afraid that if you don’t measure up to the level of wealth of others, they would undervalue you as a fool who is not utilizing the opportunities that knock at your door? But you and I need to understand that all that we amass here on earth will have to be left behind when we depart from this world, either at the rapture or when the Lord calls us home. All our earthly portions have only temporary significance and have no eternal value. But if we desire to be filled with the Lord and His glory, we will be rich here on earth with His glory visible in our lives. Whenever we attempt to do any thing, let us wait for the Lord to give it to us because He is our greatest portion and possession in this life. Let us be dwellers in tents like Abraham or tent makers like Paul. Let us value our Lord to be our only desirable portion in life. Let everything else be our opportunity to invest in Heaven. Let us invest in the lives of people and attract them to the greatest portion of all who is the Lord Jesus.

Psalms 16:5 – The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot.

Thought for Today

Let us hold on to the portion that we are sure not to loose and detach ourselves from that which we are sure to loose.

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