Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Shadow stronger than storms!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Psalms 197:30 – They were glad when (the storm and the sea) grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven.

Storms and raging sea are realities in human life. These come when we least expect it and cause a lot of inconvenience, delay, loss, anxiety, fear and apprehension. It is physically and emotionally costly and creates experiences which we find difficult to pass through. It is powerful enough to shake the faith of any child of God. But the greatest comfort we have is that our Lord is in the raging sea with us. He knows when the storm is coming and how powerful it is. He stays with us throughout the storm as we pass through the rough sea. He guides us so that we can go through it without damage. He also helps us to learn valuable lessons during our times of storms and rough weather. The company of our Lord helps us to weather away the storms and sea billows. He helps us to sing songs of salvation before the storms, through the storms and after the storms. He gives the right songs when each wave comes to seemingly devour us. His grace is showered upon us to meet the challenges of the storms and the rage of the sea of life. As we go through these rough experiences, we might wonder how we would face the next moment. When the tough moment is over, we will be able to see that we could endure because the Lord gave special grace. In moments like these, the Lord keeps giving us the reassurance that He is with us and that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We will hear His soft and soothing voice that He will lead us forward and strengthen us even through the storms. Yes, He gives us the grace to face the rough realities of life whether it is failure, loss, separation, sickness or loneliness. He keeps reminding us that there is a haven and a home for us to rest and that He will take us through the storms and the sea to our haven of rest. When we reach our eternal destination, we will be able to look back and thank the Lord for the devastating storms and the sea billows and how these had helped us to learn to trust the Lord each moment in life.

Dear friend, is your life today a facing powerful storms in a raging sea with its devastating wind and waves? Is your boat of life being tossed around? Do you see the devouring storm coming towards you and shouting out to you that there is no hope for you? But have you not seen your beloved Lord travelling with you in your boat? Do you recognize that He is your co-traveler and He moves with you even in the eye of the storm? He is the unseen traveler who is always with you and He is your partner when the weather gets rough. Your boat is His and all your affairs are His also because you have surrendered your life to Him. You are His special concern because He has purchased you with His life. So all your experiences in life make Him act swiftly to cover you up with Him. He sees to it that you experience His peace and providence every moment of your passage through the rough weather. Remember, He wants to takes you through the rough waters rather than take a detour because His purpose is to make you trust Him more intensely. The Lord who took the disciples through the raging Sea of Galilee is with you in your boat today and will see to it that you reach your haven of rest safely. Perhaps your co-passengers might not be of much help because they are also fighting their own battles. But your Lord is there with you and for you all the time. Your boat will land on solid ground just as Noah and the ark landed. Moses will give way to Joshua and soon Joshua will also be removed from the scene, but the Lord will not leave you alone. His grace will go with you each day to meet the challenges of that day with His grace. Today He is with you and He will be with you in all your tomorrows with all the challenges which tomorrows might pose. He will carry you in His arms until you reach your haven of rest and safety.

Exodus 33:14 – The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Thought for Today

No matter how rough the sea of life is and how devastating the rage of the storm might be, those who live under the Shadow of the Almighty have no cause to be anxious or fearful.

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