Sunday, December 4, 2011


Worthlessness to blessedness!

Verse for Today: Sunday, December 04, 2011

John 2:7 – Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

On the day of the wedding at Cana, several miracles took place at the house of the groom. Water was turned into wine. Jesus revealed His glory. Jesus’ mother had the faith to ask Jesus to intervene in the situation of shortage at the banquet hall. The shortage was rectified. The master of the banquet was pleasantly surprised. It is also amazing to observe that the stone water jars are given an opportunity to be part of the miracle performed by Jesus. These jars were used for washing purposes only in the past. As such they were not vessels of honor. But they are now being used by the Lord for a more glorious purpose. Had Jesus used the wine skins in the house, the enemy could have used a lot of arguments to explain away the miracle. Jesus used the stone jars to perform His miracle in His infinite wisdom. By using these jars, Jesus tells us today that He would use any material that is available to Him. He doesn’t look at the past history of the material with its poor reputation, but would use it to change its future. These stone jars had the privilege of holding wine which was a great change from its previous experience of only being water pots. Today Jesus uses any available person to glorify His name through their lives. God used ordinary wood, yarn and metals to build the Tabernacle in the wilderness. He used ordinary materials to make the fragrant oil that was used in the worship. He used fishermen to become greatest preachers in history. God uses worthless people for His purposes when they are surrendered to His will. He has not chosen the dignified and wise people of this world, but the ordinary people to turn this world upside down. If at all any dignified persons come to follow Him, He would use them only if they are emptied themselves of whatever merit they have. Today Jesus will use us in amazing ways if we are willing to be utterly broken and contrite in our spirits and empty ourselves of all that we are and have.

Dear friend, are you amazed at the kind of people God has used to reveal His glory? He has chosen the worthless people and materials and recreates them in a shape that would bring glory to Him. The stone jars at the house at Cana speak loudly to us that if Jesus could have used these jars, He will use us also for His glory. David built up his army to face the enemies with a bunch of worthless people who came to him. Only when Nehemiah and Moses were willing to forgo the privileges of the palaces that God could use them. God chooses us when we are all emptied of all the merits we have in ourselves so that He can put His glory in us and use us for Him. It is amazing that Jesus picked these stone jars and used them in the very first recorded miracle He performed during His public ministry. He would use us to the extent to which we are willing to be filled. Once we are filled with Him and His glory, every drop is as precious as every other drop and all are rich with the most enjoyable goodness that is embodied in it. Today it is our blessed privilege and opportunity to be of use to the Lord. Let us be vessels of honor for the Master and make ourselves available for His use. Let Him fill us with His goodness so that others will find us a blessing and a joy in their lives. The six forgotten stone jars can become the storehouse of blessing when used by Jesus. Today we can be of use to the Master if we are available to Him. We do not need to be disappointed that we are the useless stone jars used for mean purposes because God can and will use us to be part of a miraculous transformation of character and contents to serve others and bring glory to Him.

Acts 9:15 – This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel.

Thought for Today

God’s choice of vessels depends not on their past reputation, but their possibilities and usefulness in the future.

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