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God is still at work!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Genesis 4:26 – Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time men began to call on the name of the LORD.
The brutal murder of Abel and the culture of revenge took away the desire for worship of God from people. The generation of Cain was one of murder and revenge and at the same time ventured into development of technology, housing, cattle breeding, music and metallurgy. The world enhanced quality of life and progress in every walk of life at the cost of forgetting God. There was no worship during those years until God raised up another saintly person by the name Seth during whose time Seth’s family and descendants went back to prayer and worship of God.  Today we find the technologically advanced world is fast forgetting God and replacing Him with innovation, knowledge and newer lifestyles which are an abomination in the sight of God as in the days of Seth, Enoch and Noah. The time of the generation of Cain was one of jubilation in hell because the satanic forces were successful in removing the worship of God from human hearts. It was a time of hopelessness for the people of God who were an insignificant minority. But we see how God works behind the scene to sustain and perpetuate the fear of the Lord in the hearts of people! The hopelessness turned into bright hope when God brought to the scene saintly people like Enoch, Methuselah and Noah. The preaching of the Word resumed through lives surrendered to God. God spoke about the good news of salvation through the ark which was a picture of Jesus Christ. But God also warned people about rejecting His plan of salvation. It is being repeated today when God continues to speak to the world about His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ and the message of warning for those who reject His gospel. This scenario gives us hope that even when things are bleak and blurred, God works behind the scene to fulfill His plan for this world and for all His dear children. Let us take courage and hope in our Lord who works behind the scene to fulfill His promises for His children even in a hopeless world.
Hello dear reader, are you exasperated because of the hopelessness that you find around you in your life situation? Are you tempted to think that the enemy of your soul has secured major upset against you? The life of Seth and Enosh reassures you that when you are in a hopeless situation, your God is still at work in your life to fulfill His promises. His program of redemption and rebuilding will not be blocked by the enemy. His plan for your life will be accomplished in spite of the forces of darkness around you. When things don’t seem to move as you desire, be assured that your Lord is working it out for you. When the forces of darkness seem to flourish, your Lord is still at work behind the scene to renew your life and kindle hope in you. He will rekindle the hearts of the elect to call upon His name and worship Him. If you are frustrated about the seeming faithlessness around, believe that the Lord will still builds up a minority for Himself. Even when others write you off, the Lord will renew your life and situation to establish His testimony through your life. The world will continue with its technological advancement to sabotage the plan of God, but our God will prevail over all the iniquities and lawlessness that is around.  Even if you are forgotten and written off by those around you, your Lord will strengthen and rebuild you to hold fast the faith that has been entrusted once and for all with the saints. So dear friend, don’t quit or give up hope in the Lord and His promises. Continue relentlessly to seek after God’s kingdom and His righteousness and He will come at the right time to meet all your needs and strengthen you to stand strong in your generation for His glory.
Isaiah 6:13b – But as the terebinth and the oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.
Thought for Today
God works behind the scene in our most hopeless circumstances to accomplish His purpose in and through our lives.
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