Monday, September 3, 2012


Bright Light on Dark Pathways!
Verse for Today: Sunday, September 02, 2012
Psalms 118:27a – The LORD is God, and He has made His light shine upon us.
Today God has a special message to those who are groping in darkness and confusion about the next step to take in their lives. Our Lord is light and He lives in unapproachable brightness. When He enters our dark circumstances, all confusions and doubts disappear. Perhaps there are situations in your life today which leave you doubtful about which way to turn to. The enemy of your soul who is the author of all confusion and doubt comes into clutter your situations with seemingly good alternatives to choose from. Your natural instinct could be to choose the most intelligent and logical alternative. It is at this time that your Lord who is the Light asks you to invite Him into your situation and make Him the Lord of all your circumstances. When you hand your life and situations over to Him, He comes in to shed His bright light to remove all darkness, confusion and doubt. He sheds His light over you through His bright presence and His Word which is both a lamp and a light to your pathways and your feet so that you will not take a single step in the wrong direction. As you ask the Lord for light, He first gives you patience to look at your situation in His light. His light makes you examine your heart to see how much you are committed to Him and His ways so that you can straighten out your heart with Him. His light helps you to renew your life, vision, love and loyalty to Him. It is then that you will be able to see the next step in front of you without prejudice. The pathway the Lord shows you might not be considered by the world around you as intelligent, logical and smart. So the world with its strategies of vanity and cunningness will try to pull you back from the pathway of the Lord. Your love and commitment to the Lord will then have to exhibit your loyalty to Him and His ways no matter what the consequences. The world might tell you how foolish and unintelligent the Lord’s pathway is. But the Lord’s way is the best way with the most blessed finish line when He holds your hands and takes you forward into eternity with Him. Today He wants to brighten your pathway with His light so that you will be on the sure route to the destination He has paved for you.

Dear friend, there is a challenge before you today to choose the Lord’s pathway to go forward. There you will find His footsteps before you and His light will brighten your path to show His footprints to keep your feet on. You need to take the step of faith and wait for Him to show you each step of the way moment by moment. Then your confusion and doubt will give way to faith to trust your Lord to take you forward. Remember, He holds your hands and you should allow Him to hold you. This is surrender to His will out of your ardent love for Him.  Trust in Him to take you forward to the right destination. It is impossible to make a mistake when you trust in the Lord and walk in His brightness. The enemy might try to convince you that you are on a foolish path, but this was the path that the prophets and the apostles took as outlined in the Word of God. Remember, He is the only way and His pathway is the only sure route to bliss with satisfaction guaranteed for eternity. Today is your opportunity to trust your Lord to take you forward in the paths of righteousness. Jesus is your light who also wants to make you a light for those around you who are groping in darkness. Will you bear His light in your heart and guide others into His pathway?

Psalms 36:9 – For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.   

Thought for Today
Our commitment and loyalty to the Lord will help us to see His light which will remove doubts and confusions from our pathways.

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