Friday, July 12, 2013


Bright Pathways!
Verse for Today: Friday, July 12, 2013
Genesis 1:03 – And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

The light that the Creator God brought into this world was intended to brighten the dark world that was around. In spite of God’s light, the world’s moral, intellectual and social darkness continue to prevail in every human walk today because man has willfully rejected God’s light. The darkness of sin led people away from God’s pathway and made them influence other lives to greater darkness. Thus individual lives and human heart have become desperately wicked with great social and spiritual cost to the world and to the earth. But the light that God created is still available for those who want to accept it and live in it to enjoy it. God’s light enters our lives only through the Light of the Word who is Jesus Christ, God’s Son. When Jesus enters a life, He brightens the heart, lightens the character and revolutionizes the outlook of people and makes them march in the sunshine of God’s love and grace. God’s light takes away all doubt, uncertainty and confusion about the present and the future of human life. Today there is no need for man to live in darkness and confusion, but can enter into the light that God has made available to him free of charge. God’s light removes all confusions about the destiny of man and instills hope for a brighter spiritual future. This light comes to man through the written Word and its illumination by the Spirit of God. Light is available to us today, with divine direction for every human activity. But we need to avail of this light and learn to make use of it to live on the pathways created for us by God. Those who follow the light will overcome confusions about their present and future life. But we must be willing to respond to this light through our obedience and submission to God. As we follow the light, our lives will be filled with confidence and faith to keep walking in it without doubt and confusion. God’s light will thus help us to take the right decisions in life which will please God and will be a blessing to others through our interactions with them.

Dear friend, are you groping in the darkness for direction in life? Do you encounter confusions and doubts about which way to turn to in the various areas of your life? Technology or human wisdom will not help you to break through the darkness that is around you. God wants you to know that He has created perfect light to help you out of your dark circumstances. It is available free of cost. But you have to willingly and wholeheartedly accept His light into your life and live in total dependence on this divine ray of hope. When you accept Jesus into your heart as your Savior and Lord, God’s light will enter your life to guide and lead you on God’s pathway. You will then enjoy release from the bondage of darkness and confusion. God will speak to you each day through His Word and His Spirit to brighten your pathways. He will counsel you and teach you to walk circumspectly. You will then know the will of God for every situation in your life. All your doubts and confusions will give way to right direction to travel on your pilgrimage. Each and every step in your life will be perfected by the Light of the Word. You will then be able to help fellow sojourners to learn to understand the pathway of God and walk in it. Thus your life becomes one of certainty, confidence and faith. Today God invites you to exercise your choice to accept His light and live in its warmth and brightness to challenge the prevailing darkness that is around you.  

Psalms 36:9 – For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.

Thought for Today
Walking in God’s light leads to abundant life whereas dwelling in darkness leads to the depths of destruction.

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