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Verse for Today: Wednesday, March 02, 2011
Isaiah 54:10 - Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

God has established mountains and hills for the present age and they are not expected to be removed from their positions. They contribute to the environmental balance so as to facilitate life here on earth. They stand tall and demonstrate strength and stability. Through these mountains and hills, God speaks to His children and compare it with His mercy and lovingkindness to His children. For God says that even if the mighty mountains and hills are removed from their position, which is impossible for man to think or imagine, God's mercy and compassion will not depart from His children. God has placed such might and stability for His promise of mercy for His children. He is the loving and compassionate Father and the most merciful Shepherd of His people. His love and compassion flow to His children, not because they are perfect and always do things which are pleasing to Him, but because He understands our frailties and shortcomings. His mercy cannot be hindered by any of our failures and weaknesses. In fact, when our weaknesses and failures increase, His mercy abounds for us to come out of our weaknesses. He deals with us on the basis of His love and mercy rather than on the basis of His laws. Surely, He will discipline us when we go astray and disobey Him. Even then, He deals with us as a loving father disciplines his children. His disciplines are for our good and not for us to be destroyed. If we do something wrong, we will have to pick up its consequences. If we choose our own way, we might end up paying heavily through our lives. But in His mercy, our God forgives us and helps us out of our difficulties and restores us. He has pronounced that His mercy will not depart from us and that it will never move a millimeter. What He has promised will definitely be fulfilled, not because we are perfectly faithful to Him, but because He is faithful in His covenant to us.

Dear friend, have you been so burdened about your situation lately and been waiting for God to rescue you from your present situation? Do you feel frustrated in the long wait and still not find any answers from Heaven? Remember, the Lord is dealing with you in His abundant mercy and love. In His mercy, He forgives you and prepares you to receive His provision to meet the challenges in your situation. His promises are absolutely powerful because they are as powerful as the Lord Himself. What He says will certainly be fulfilled. We know this because all that He has promised in the past has so far been fulfilled to its minutest details. His past care and provision are a surety that His promises for the future will also be fulfilled. His promises are stronger and more stable than the tallest and strongest mountains and hills of this earth. His love is greater than any thing that the modern technology has invented and is more explosive than the most powerful nuclear weapon. When all around is unstable and keep changing day after day, the Lord never changes and His love and compassion are as stable as the Lord Himself. Blessed are we if we trust in Him and His Word. His mercy is like a never ceasing water fall and it keeps falling upon us. This fountain of God's compassion will continue to fall on us throughout eternity and we will rest under the tree of His compassion. No force on earth or under the earth can keep His mercy away from us even for a moment. His mercy never diminishes in its quality, quantity, depth, height or width. It is unconditionally available to all His children. We can draw upon this great reservoir of mercy and compassion and face any situations and circumstances in life. Dipping deep into His mercy will take away all the frustrations we encounter in this uncertain world and help us to keep going forward. Let us today be encouraged in our walk with the Lord because we are walking with the compassionate and loving Lord who is the lover of our souls.

Isaiah 54:14 - In righteousness you will be established; Tyranny will be far from you; you will have nothing to fear. Terror will be far removed; it will not come near you.

Thought for Today
Trusting in the fountain of God's unfailing mercy will enable us to live without the fear of the unknown future.

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