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Verse for Today: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Matthew 11:28 - Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

This world is full of people who are carrying burdens of varying types. There are burdens of sin, habits, chronic illnesses, emotional distress, frustrations of situations, family issues, joblessness, friendlessness, rejection from kith and kin, loss, failure, to mention a few. For different people, burdens are of different magnitude. These often come one after the other to make people weary and tired. They carry these burdens which take away their rest, peace and sleep and thus leave deep marks on their bodies and minds. The heaviness of their hearts leave them confused and with impaired capacity to make decisions. They often plunge into depression and despondency. The world is advising these people to go for shortcuts to forget about their burdens through substance abuse and reckless living, thus increasing the damage. The gurus and pundits who approach these burdened souls only try to take advantage out of them one way or another, but do not help them lessen their burdens. They try to increase the intensity of burdens. But the Lord Jesus Christ comes to them with the only lasting and effective solution to their burdens. He offers to free them from the heaviness of their hearts. He knocks at the doors of their hearts and asking them to give Him a chance to come into their hearts to change things inside them so that they will have the grace to handle their burdens in a divine way. He invites the burden-bearing people to go to Him for solutions. He wants them to unburden themselves in His presence. If they trust Him to handle their burdens, He will take them with their burdens and give them rest, peace and sleep that they desperately crave. He will give them a godly heart to handle their burdens. They can unburden themselves with the Lord Jesus and relax. Their burdens are lifted at Calvary where a Savior died for them. He will help them carry their burdens and find solutions to it all according to His will.

Dear friend, are you a burden-bearing soul today? Is the intensity of your burden increasing day by day? Are you becoming increasingly weary because of the heavy load you carry? There is no need for you to become weary and tired by carrying your load all alone. The Lord Jesus is inviting you to go to Him to unburden yourself. He offers you help in releasing the burdens and live like a free individual. You have the freedom to ask Him to help you with these burdens which then become concerns and challenges to be handled with His help according to His wisdom, guidance and grace. Jesus has handled all our sin burdens on the cross of Calvary and so knows all about burden bearing and release from burdens. He nailed it all to the cross for us. He will help us nail all our burdens on the cross and live with spiritual burden. As we unburden ourselves in His presence, we will be able to pray for wisdom and guidance to handle our situations. He will lift our burdens away and put our minds at rest in Him and His power. His Spirit will help us to enjoy His peace in the midst of burdens and trust in Him that He will help us find solutions to our problems and situations. He will interfere in our situations, if we allow Him, and set things straight with His supernatural power which can calm all the storms in our lives. He will teach us to handle our problems by trusting in Him to do what we need to do. His hands will be upon our circumstances and situations and will help us find answers to the puzzles that we are faced with. The Lord will calm our hearts as He calmed the sea and stopped the wind and the storms. We are challenged to accept the loving invitation of our Lord to go to Him for help, support, rest, peace and for unburdening ourselves. It is free for the asking with a guarantee of total release and rest.

Psalms 116:7 - Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

Thought for Today

God's invitation to man involves guarantees of lifting the burdens, along with rest, peace, sleep, grace, love and compassion.

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