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Verse for Today: Friday, March 18, 2011
Proverbs 16:3 - Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.

When a person is committed to the Lord, it becomes easier to commit all that he does also to the Lord. It is the degree of our commitment to the Lord that determines whether all our activities are committed to the Lord as well. So the degree of our commitment of all that we do that is the evidence that we are committed to the Lord or not. It is very difficult to understand how a person would say that he is committed to the Lord, but does what the Lord would not permit or approve. The Word of God demands that we commit ourselves to the Lord first and foremost because all that we are is because of the Lord. He is the reason why we exist and live on. He is our maker and redeemer. He has created and recreated us for Himself so that we can live to do His will and be part of His program in this world. But if we live to please our fleshly desires, then we are not grateful and committed to the Lord who has given us the opportunity to live in this world. He desires that we commit ourselves to Him totally and absolutely and seek His face to decide what we should do and which direction we should take to go forward. All our objectives and desires in life should be what the Lord desires of us. He has set a plan for our lives and it is up to us to find it out from Him through our relationship with Him. If we seek His will and His face, He will reveal it to us. Then we will know what His will is for our lives. But as we set out to do His will, He desires that we do not do it the way we want, but commit it also to Him. Then we will know how He wants us to accomplish His will. In other words, the objectives and the process will have to be His all the way. This is how our ways will be established before Him. Such a life style which is totally committed to the Lord is what pleases Him. This is the lifestyle of the disciple of Jesus Christ where Jesus Christ will have absolute preeminence in all that we are and do.

Dear friend, are you at a crossroad in your life, and eager to know what the Lord wants you to do? Perhaps you have difficulty deciding what you should do because you do not know what the Lord's will is in that matter. Remember, if you are not committed to the Lord, it would be difficult to decide what He would want you to do in it. So the first and foremost step is to give yourselves to the Lord unconditionally and without any reservation. This means that Jesus and His cause become your absolute priority in all that you are and do. Then Jesus will be in your priorities, desires, likes, dislikes, aims and objectives as number one. When you commit yourselves to the Lord in such an unconditional manner, and ask Him to reveal His will about every step of the way, He will lead you step by step in His path. This is the sure way to know that He will help you to accomplish what you would like to do for Him in this world. If we do not have absolute commitment to Him, it would be difficult to expect Him to guide us. Let us today commit ourselves to the Lord and then commit all that we desire also to Him at the alter as a sacrifice and allow Him to take it up for us. Then it becomes His business to accomplish His will through you so that all glory for all that you are and do will become His. He expects us to commit even our motives to Him rather than give Him lip service. If we go our way and do what we want without a commitment to Him and His will, we might still accomplish a lot of things in this life, but these will not bring glory to the Lord. The Lord desires absolute sway in all that we do, but will permit us to do it all only if we are committed to Him. In such a committed life, the Lord meets all our needs, provides us with resources, fights our battles, removes hindrances, clears the cloudy and dark skies and takes us forward by holding our hands. Perhaps our lives will not have spectacular events of great human or religious value, but it will be pleasing to God as He takes glory through it. This is the way to true spiritual blessings and godly contentment.

Psalms 37:5 - Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.

Thought for Today
A life which is not absolutely committed to God is like a partially burned sacrifice.

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