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Verse for Today: Saturday, March 19, 2011
Psalms 34:5 - Those who look to (the Lord) are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

God's children have a person to look unto in all situations for strength, peace and satisfaction, and that person is their beloved Lord. When their circumstances are cloudy, His face is like a shining sun with its rays of brightness and hope. When they are alone, feeling lonely and starving for love, care and fellowship, His loving and compassionate face will shine upon them. His face will give His children the encouragement they need in the midst of difficulties. When life poses challenges and difficult questions, He is there to give them answers and to solve the puzzles they are encountered with. As they look unto Him, their confusions and doubts are removed and confidence established. There is disappointment of some degree with all other persons around us. But even when all others turn us down, the Lord is out there to hold us close to Him and comfort us. If we look at the power centers of this world, they will all diminish in their power as time goes by. If we look at the hills and high places of this world, we will be frustrated because they do not have any thing that will give us lasting value and contentment. But when we look unto the Lord who is the author and finisher of our faith, He will send His grace and love to us to brighten our disposition. Our faces will shine with His bright rays of great promises. Our faces will be radiant when He sends His glory to us even in the midst of hopelessness. The strength from His face will help us to keep going forward with Him. There is no scope for shame or embarrassment when we look unto our Lord because He will never disappoint us nor will He send us back empty handed.

Dear friend, are you encountering a cloudy day with heaps of unanswered questions in your life? Are you groping in the dark about how to move forward and where to turn to? Are you tired of getting repeatedly frustrated by all to whom you looked at or from whom sought help? Have all your kith and kin forsaken you and left you alone to fight your battles? There is a place to go to and person to look unto for answers to the puzzles and challenges you are encountering now. There is a source for strength and hope. There is a person who is waiting for you to go to Him asking for help and support. There is a place of quiet rest and peace. It is the person of our Lord Jesus whose face is shining upon you. If you look unto Him, the glory from His face will shine upon you with divine strength and hope. The brightness of His face is sufficient to give you hope in a hopeless world and in frustrating circumstances. He will remind you of all the promises He has stored up for you. He will give you the courage to face your situations with confidence and hope because He is with you to help you to face the uncertainties of life. He will hold your hands and encourage you to keep moving rather than sit and wallow over the past failures and loss. He will send spiritual water and bread to strengthen you as He did for Prophet Elijah. He will show you a handful of cloud as a prelude to thunderstorm of blessings. He will fill you with His Spirit to give you order, clarity and understanding about your situation. His Spirit will help you to keep trusting Him. He will never allow you to be shameful because you trusted Him. Your days will be brighter and warmer and your countenance will shine with His brightness as you will be filled with the hope of His care, courage and confidence.

Isaiah 60:1 - Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord arises upon you.

Thought for Today
The fog of confusion and darkness around you will melt away in the brightness and warmth of the rays of hope which come upon you from the Lord.

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