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Verse for Today: Monday, April 04, 2011

Philippians 3:20 - For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Biblical world view of life is that the children of God are passers by in this world. They do not have any permanent abode or interest here on earth. They are temporarily here to accomplish the purpose for which God has placed them here on earth. They are to work as ambassadors of heaven on earth and should represent their homeland in attitudes, priorities, likes, dislikes, loyalties and commitment. The children of God are to look forward for the appearance of their Savior and Lord in the clouds to take all His children home with Him. This heavenly home is our eternal home and we are citizens of this home where we will dwell forever with our Lord who is the lover of our souls. This means that we do not cultivate any permanent titles, deeds, relationships, attachments and loyalties with any thing here on earth. The people around us should be able to see such a heavenly attitude and attachment in us to understand that our citizenship is not here on earth. We are taught to live here on earth as strangers and pilgrims, and not to develop any permanent interests here in any thing whatsoever. But on earth, we have to be responsible to our society in the way we live, but it should be without breaking the commandments which are given to us by our Master to whom we are ultimately loyal. Our hope is to see our beloved Lord and be with Him. While we await His return to take us to be with Him, we are also challenged to accomplish our best for Him. When we are thus engaged in matters of eternal importance, we would not have much time or energy to amass possessions, seek positions and promote selfish interests of any sort. When we are thus engaged with the Lord and His affairs, we would not have much concern for the temporal things in life and we will be detached from it all. This is the kind of life that a sojourner will have while we live here on earth as the citizens of Heaven.

Dear friend, are you governed by the thought that you are a true citizen of heaven and are expected to live here on earth as an ambassador of heaven? Is your life governed by thoughts about your Savior and your eternal home in heaven? Will your life style and priorities speak loudly about your true commitment and loyalties in life? Will people around you think whether you are an earthly person or a heavenly person by watching your priorities, likes, dislikes, goals and visions while you are here on earth? When you and I have seen the Lord Jesus who is our Master and Lord through our spiritual eyes, and when we have touched Him by faith, it ought to be reflected in our daily lives. But if we are continuously struggling to be recognized, appreciated, loved and honored by this world, then we do not know much about our true citizenship and the kind of honor and welcome that is awaiting us in heaven. If we are full of anxieties and apprehensions about our earthly lives, others would find it easy to think that we are like any body else in this world as earthly people. If our greatest concerns, thoughts, plans, programs, priorities and preferences are centered around what is heavenly, others will recognize it through our actions and life styles. This is how we can become good witnesses to the faith that we claim to have. When we are far above the mundane things of this earth, we would be less affected by the earthly and worldly things and we will find that these mundane things would not control our thoughts and decisions. Such a life would exhibit our true citizenship. Today let us live to please our Master by living as true citizens of our homeland which is heaven, with the joy and thrill that it would give us. Let our visions, desires, thoughts and aspirations become that of heaven as its true citizens.

Colossians 3:2 - Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.

Thought for Today

Heavenly life on earth is one where we are adequately lifted up from the mundane earthly things.

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