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Verse for Today: Thursday, April 07, 2011

Psalms 103:5 - (The Lord) satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

All who receive great blessings from the Lord are challenged by the Psalmist to expresses their grateful heart before Him for all that is done for them. What the Psalmist received from God has been far beyond his expectations or what he ever deserved. This is true about all God's children who are given far more than what they ask the Lord in prayer. Sometimes we ask amiss. Sometimes we ask very little when the Lord is willing to give us so much more. Our prayers are from the human level of expectations and human scale of measurement. But the Lord gives us according to His heavenly scale and measurement. All His giving is according to His dignity, status and greatness. His hands are so big and so is His giving. He gives to fully satisfy His children. He is the greatest giver, with the greatest quantity of resources and the largest heart full of thoughts about the welfare of His children. He gives us all good things according to His will and pleasure so that His desires will be fulfilled in us each day of our lives. He gives us grace, love, forgiveness, peace and joy so that we can enjoy all these blessings each moment of our lives. As we sustain ourselves with the goodness that He imparts to us, our inner man grows stronger and stronger. There is no ageing for us because our lives are renewed day by day with the heavenly manna and the living water. Even though our physical bodies might be growing older and weaker, we are filled with His blessings day by day to make our inner person fly to higher altitudes like the eagle. The higher we go, the greater will be our detachment from the earthly and material things that this world offers.

Dear friend, how high are you flying today in your spiritual life? Are you flying higher and higher day by day spiritually? In order to fly at higher spiritual altitude, we would need to pant after the presence of God and crave for the pure honey, satisfying manna and living water which come from the Lord. If you take what the Lord gives, you will develop greater desire for the heavenly and stronger aversion for the earthly material things. Your love will then grow stronger for the Lord and your desire will be to enjoy more and more of the heavenly things. The Lord will always give you the best that heaven has, in far greater measure than what we ask for or even imagine. He will renew our hearts and minds to desire more of the heavenly and less of the earthly. If you have asked for any earthly things amiss, He will rule and overrule your prayers and give you His best. But it depends on our sincerity and genuineness of desire and motives. He will give what will give you real satisfaction so that you will not have any more desire for the mundane. He is surely going to give you far more than you have ever asked for. He knows what is best for us, and so His divine love will overrule our situation to give us His best. But for this to happen, we need to be totally committed to His perfect will. If we ask that we may be forgiven for asking any thing amiss, and submit ourselves to receiving whatever that pleases Him, then He will give us His best to meet all our spiritual needs. As we are led to enjoy all that He is pleased to give us, there is a certainty that our earthly sustenance will be met by Him. Let us today thank the Lord for not granting all our thoughtless prayers of the past, and for giving us what is best in His will and pleasure. Let us be grateful to Him for what He gives and also for what He denies. We will find greater joy in our lives when our Father denies what is not good for us and gives us what is best for us for our daily walk with Him.

Psalms 81:10b - Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.

Thought for Today

God gives us better things than we ask for and lovingly denies all that we ask amiss.

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