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Verse for Today: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Psalms 25:12 - Who is the man who fears the Lord? (The Lord) will instruct him in the way he should choose.

The fear of the Lord is the expression of our love and respect for the Lord and not because we think He will punish us. Even though the Lord is a consuming fire for those who do not receive the salvation He offers to them, for His children He is the loving Father. If we know how to respect and fear our human parents, we all ought to know how to express our love and respect to our Heavenly Father. Our respect and love for God in our hearts is expressed in our behavior. Perhaps the external actions of religiosity might be sufficient for us to impress the people around us, but that is totally insufficient for God who knows our motives, intentions and hidden agenda. If we are not truly and intentionally fearful of our Lord, He would not value any of our external expressions of religiosity. He looks into our hearts, understands our motives and deals with and in us accordingly. So when God sees our sincerity and the way we show eagerness to obey His commandment, He knows that we are ready to walk in the pathways He has prepared for us. That is when He shows us His ways that He has chosen for us. We should realize that we have the freedom to go our way that is pleasing to us, but we alone will be responsible for all the consequences of our selfish ways. We see in the pages of the Bible the life stories of great children of God who picked up sad consequences of their disobedience to God. So there is a vital question from God today asking us to express our true motives of love and respect to Him and His cause. If we confess our deep desire to do what He wants us to do and walk in the ways that He wants to show us, He will certainly show us the way. This is how we will know how to identify the will of God for our lives.

Dear friend, are you a true seeker of the ways of the Lord in your life? Is your desire to know God's ways a matter of your religiosity or is it a matter of deep conviction, desire and love you have for God and His ways? God reveals His perfect will to those who are keen to know and put God's will into practice in their lives. It presupposes true devotion and reverence to God for who He really is and what He wants to do with your life. If you desire to do His will and seek to know it, you will have the privilege to ask Him to reveal it to you. He unfolds His will to His children and enables them to work it out in their lives for His glory. He will give you His power and strength to obey His will and will enable you to glorify His name through the fulfillment of His will in your life. His ways are perfect and it is for your ultimate good. His desire is that your life becomes useful to Him to glorify His name here on earth. He opens your eyes to see the way He wants you to go through. There might be difficulties and battles as you follow His instructions because the enemy of your soul would always try to slow you down or stop you altogether from following the path of God. But during those times of intense battles, the Lord will give you all the strength that you need to resist the enemy's tactics and follow in the ways He wants you to tread. It is a wonderful experience to receive the instructions of the Lord and to be able to follow Him in His path. As we travel with Him, our weary souls will be revived and our sagging spirits will be rejuvenated by Him. We will enjoy our walk with Him and will not bother about the weariness of the heat of the way. He meets all our spiritual and human needs as we go along with Him. Today there is an invitation for us to enjoy the opportunity to walk with Him in divine fellowship.

Psalms 18:36 - You enlarge my steps under me, and my steps have not slipped.

Thought for Today

The steps of those who walk according to the instructions and guidance of the Lord will not slip as they enjoy the thrill of walking in fellowship with Him.

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