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Verse for Today: Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Matthew 20:32 - And Jesus stopped and called them, and said, "What do you want Me to do for you?"

The two blind beggars who sat on the side of the street which Jesus chose to travel were the most fortunate needy people. The incident reveals that Jesus would have gone that way just for these two handicapped people. Jesus had the time and willingness to stop to touch the lives of these two men even though He had no shortage for people to minister unto, including the large crowd which followed Him on that day. We find Jesus who walks by those of us who are needy people today. He knows our needs and He is passing our way today, and each day of our lives. Even though He has the whole universe to look after, He has time and willingness to stop near us to touch our lives and heal us of our weaknesses of all sorts. His touch means that the power of God will pass from Him to us and will reach the areas of our lives where we have a desperate need. Our needs can be spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, financial, job-related, ministerial, family-based and what not. The type of need and the intensity of need do not cause any difficulty for Him. He wants us to feel desperate and reach a stage when we confess that only He can touch and meet our needs. He wants us to cling on to our faith in Him as the only means for meeting our needs. He also wants us to speak to Him while He is near us and tell Him what we need, just as these blind men did. He wants us to speak in spite of all the hindrances that are on our way. Jesus will stop for us which is an absolute certainty. He will touch us for sure. There will be complete fulfillment of our desires and meeting of our need in its depth and breadth without the shadow of a doubt.

Dear friend, are you in need of the touch of the Lord Jesus today in some sore spots of your life? Do you feel esperation for His touch? Perhaps you would have tried all other means to solve your problems by using your wisdom, knowledge, skills, understanding and experience. You would have probably consulted several experts in vain. It is possible that you had spent a fortune to resolve the difficulties. Now that you have reached a stage and realization that only Jesus can help you, this is the time and the moment to speak to the Lord Jesus who is near you. This is your opportunity to speak to the Lord and ask for His mercy and lovingkindness. You can be sure that the Lord will show compassion and mercy to you. He is the Lord who cries with the sorrowful and touches the needy with His mighty hands to heal us and to wipe our tears away. His gentle touch is sufficient to meet every need and solve any problem. We need to do is to stop handling our problems in our own strength and make a mess of it, and hand it over to Him just as these blind men did. There is no need for us to also try to do something about our problems after we hand it over to the Lord. When we take our hands off and give it all to the Lord, He will take us and our problems in His hands and solve it in His divine way. His solutions will be perfect and full and will not leave any loose ends. His answers to our prayers will be fully satisfactory. He would not pass us by if we care to look to Him and call unto Him. When He comes our way, no force in this universe can stop Him from coming to us with solutions to our problems. Today is another opportunity given to us to let Jesus handle our situations and meet our needs. When He sees our tears, He will ask us as to what we want Him to do for us. Let us tell Him about all our needs and ask Him to take full control, and wait for His answers at His perfect time. Perhaps that time for you, for your most pressing problem to be solved by the Lord, could be today. This day will also open a challenge for you to enjoy His benevolence and to follow Him every day of the rest of your life.

Matthew 20:34 - Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.

Thought for Today

Jesus stops at every needy soul every day to meet every need according to His riches in glory.

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