Wednesday, October 12, 2011


All Round Escorts!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Isaiah 52:12 – But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

There are certain truths in the Bible which are better experienced than understood. An amazing truth which we can experience in our daily lives is that our Lord walks in front of us and at the same time He is our rear guard as we walk along in our sojourn. When He walks in front of us, He leads us in the right path. He also prepares our way forward. He goes before us to remove hindrances from our way. He defeats our enemies who try to create road blocks on our pathway. He helps us to make the right decisions whenever the enemy tries to confuse us to take the detours that he has established near our way. It is a way forward in the footsteps of the Master. At the same time, our Lord walks behind us to protect us from behind. The enemy often comes to us to detract us. Sometimes he runs behind us to threaten us and make us fearful of his attack from behind as in the case of the Israelites soon after they were delivered from Egypt. Sometimes the enemy makes us look back to those worldly things that we left behind, like the wife of Lot or Demas. So our Lord walks behind us as our rear guard. Thus when we have our Lord in front of us and behind us at the same time, we do not need to feel insecure. This journey of ours is the most secure trip we can take. Not only that, He has already marked out our destination. His schedule for us to reach the destination is also fixed by the Lord. Our expenses for the journey are already paid for by Him. All that we need on the way are given on a daily basis which we receive from the Lord for the asking. This journey is like a great procession of a ruler who has a herald in front and an escort team behind. This is the most joyful journey one can take in this life. It is not a running away from any thing. It is not a hasty trip. It is walk with the Lord on a daily basis. It is an enjoyable journey as we lean on to our Beloved in order not to know the weariness of our travel. It is a great privilege to take this trip which ends in our eternal home.

Dear friend, are you a weary traveler today? Do you feel tired of your daily walk? Are there hills and valleys for you to tread? But your Lord has planned this trip through a series of hills and valleys so that you will not have any drudgery in travel. Your different experiences each day add colour to your trip. There are pains and praises in your journey instituted by the Lord so that your dependence on Him will increase day by day. You are given a book to use for the daily walk with all instructions to follow. It is also a hymnbook to enable you to sing along the journey and there are beautiful songs which would fit each experience. There are descriptions about your daily journey which you can read in advance and praise the Lord for the way by which He is going to lead you each day. There are descriptions about your eternal home to keep increasing your hope and faith as you inch forward towards the eternal home. You are also given the company of God’s people to walk along for mutual help, support and encouragement. Sometimes you might be led to travel alone when others are far away from you. These solitudes are special dealings the Lord has between Him and you to teach you special lessons and to tell you special secrets about your personal walk. During those times of seemingly lonely walk, He is in front of you and also your rear guard, so that you can see Him in His glory. There is no cause for any fear or confusion if you walk closely with Him, praising, singing, praying and meditating. It is also your opportunity to be a blessing to your co-sojourners and those who watch you on the wayside.

Psalms 107:7 – He led them by a straight way to a city where they could settle.

Thought for Today
The Almighty is the all encompassing escort for His children in their pilgrimage to their eternal home.

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