Sunday, October 2, 2011


The humble get exalted!

Verse for Today: Sunday, October 02, 2011
1 Peter 5:6 – Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time.

Humility is a virtue that is often misunderstood by the world as weakness. Humble people are not weak, but strong because they keep their power under control. They do not pose themselves to be arrogant or proud. They give up their rights and privileges willingly when deprived by others and do not fight for it. The Lord Jesus Christ was the prime example of the embodiment of humility. He gave up all His divine privileges and came down to this earth as a sacrificial lamb for the sins of His enemies. He loved His enemies and came down to give His life for them so that they will have eternal life. He was willing to be born in a manger and live without a place to lay His head when birds had their nests and foxes had their holes. He silently withstood the pressures of depravity when people took away His clothes and denied Him basic human rights. He was the Lion of Judah, but had no difficulty to be a Lamb. He expects all His servants to live such a humble life here on earth to demonstrate His character of humility. Such people who have willingly surrendered under the mighty hand of God might look poor on earth, but they possess all the heavenly riches. They deprive themselves of any of their earthly positions because they are already made princes and priests of God. They give up their earthly privileges for the sake of the kingdom of God, but enjoy all the privileges of the heavenly places where they are already seated. Their humility is a fitting response to their Lord’s humility for their sake here on earth. But their story does not end here because at the right time, God will exalt them and make them rulers with Christ. They will be honored by God at the Bema with great heavenly rewards.

Dear reader, do you realize that it is a privilege for us to possess the virtue of humility here on earth and live a humble life in response to the humility exhibited by our Lord in order to save us? Yes, we are called upon to live humbly here on earth and exemplify the life of the Lord Jesus. When we know the great privileges and positions waiting for us in eternity, we would not have any difficulty to give up the temporal privileges and positions this world offers us. Whatever earthly things that we give up for the Lord here on earth willingly and voluntarily will be compensated several fold in Heaven. Here the people might look down upon us because of our voluntary humility. But such a life reflects the walk we have on the Calvary Road with our Lord Jesus. He had no reputation on earth and He was despised, rejected and isolated by the world. He willingly accepted all of these cruel treatments given to Him by the world. When we follow the humble life of our Lord, our lives become living witnesses to the humble life of our Lord. But just as our Lord was exalted and given a name above all names, we will also be exalted by God and will even be honored in the presence of the angels in Heaven. But even at that time, we would willingly surrender the entire honor that will be bestowed upon us at the feet of our Lord in worship. Now as we live to follow the Lord Jesus, our desire will be that He may be exalted in and through our lives so that all glory from our lives will go to Him. Such lives will have no difficulty to endure humility here on earth. As a matter of fact, we will be enjoying the opportunity to be humble under the mighty hand of God. Today let us praise God for the opportunity and challenge He gives us to live humbly under His arms. Let us pray that the Lord Jesus might be exalted in and through our lives. Let us pray for grace to enjoy the life of humility rather than complain or grumble about it.

James 4:10 – Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.

Thought for Today
Humble life comes from a humble heart which is captivated by the humility of the crucified Christ.

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