Wednesday, October 5, 2011


From pit to podium!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Psalms 71:20 – You who have shown me many troubles and distresses, will revive me again and will bring me up again from the depths of the earth.

The experience of troubles and distresses that the Lord allows us to go through are wide and varied. These events and circumstances prove the faithfulness of the Lord towards His children. He speaks to them during these experiences to reassure them that He will never forsake them nor allow them to be swallowed up by these troubles. He gives them enough grace to go through these trials. There are times when the world around us declares that our case has been written off by God also. This was what the Jewish community thought about the crucified Christ. Jesus told the disciples that in this world they will all have troubles and tribulations. But He has commanded us not to be afraid of these experiences because He has already sent enough and more grace for us to handle the depth of anguishes that we encounter. As we go through these experiences, we learn that our Lord is faithful and that He will deliver us from these trials at the right time. Yes, He will definitely bring us out of the depths that we are in. The Lord of Joseph made Joseph comes up out of the pit to make way for him to go to Egypt to be ready to become the Prime Minister. The experiences of the pit and the household of Potiphar taught Joseph that he could count on the Lord to lift him up. Jacob was a runaway youngster when the Lord picked him up through a vision at Bethel. He gave him twelve sons who were to become Patriarchs. Their names are going to be inscribed on the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem. Jacob went through trials and tribulations. He was rejected by Laban, and he was afraid of Esau, but the Lord drew him closer to Him and made him a prince with God. Through trials and threats to his life, David was picked up out of the caves to become the king of Israel whose throne is the forerunner to the Throne of Jesus to be established in Jerusalem during the millennial kingdom. We can also be confident that our Lord who delivered Jacob, Joseph and David will lift us up from our present distresses and make us exuberant.

Dear reader, are you in distress in the pits of circumstance that you are in? Are your troubles making you exhausted, weary and miserable? There is no need for you to give up or give in to your circumstances. There is still room for hope for you in the Lord. His shoulder can accommodate all who are weary and heavy laden. His strong arms will hold you and lift you up out of the pressure cooker that you might me in. You probably think that there is no hope for you because you are blocked from all sides. But there is nothing impossible with our Lord whose powerful hands will lift you up and place you on level grounds. The God who lifted up Ruth from her lowly position as a gentile to become the earthly great grandmother of Jesus Christ will place you also in spots of responsibility for His kingdom’s sake. The God who lifted up Esther to become the savior of the Jewish people will use you also. Remember, God is not through with you yet. You are being formed and recreated by the Master Craftsman to be part of His great purpose and plan here on earth. He wants you to touch other lives like yours and encourage them to keep going. Your experiences are not to be wasted in wallowing and weeping, but in rising up and shining for the Lord. It is time for you to challenge the present pits of circumstance in the name of the Lord and confidently move forward. Your time to rise up and shine for Jesus has arrived.

Psalms 107:20 – He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from their pits.

Thought for Today
God will revive our sagging emotions and lift us up out of the pits the world puts us in so that we can shine for Him.

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