Sunday, October 9, 2011


Our calls answered!

Verse for Today: Sunday, October 09, 2011
Lamentations 3:57 – You came near when I called You, and you said, “Do not fear”.

Our call to the Lord is an expression of our desire, need and desperation for our Lord. It is based on our inner needs and outer situations. Our inner needs are often controlled by our emotions like loneliness, fears, apprehensions, doubts, confusions and feeling of inadequacies. Outer needs come from our understanding of our situations and circumstances which are unfavourable. In both these spectrums, we need someone to come and help and support us to keep going. But often our inner needs cannot be truly understood by those around us or those who are closely linked with us. It is often not easy to share our innermost feelings, thoughts and fears to any one else in this world. Our external environment which intimidates and threatens us is not always understood by others. They often explain it away or take it lightly. In such circumstances, we need an anchor for our souls so that we can lay all our internal and external needs, desires, inadequacies and fears on the anchor and rest. When people fail us, and when wealth doesn’t come to our rescue, or when our positions and prestige do not bail us out of our inner needs or external circumstances, we need an unchanging and strong pillar to lean on to. It is at such times that we call out to the Lord. He never disappoints us. When we call Him, He comes to our rescue. He comes with His peace and love in the wake of all our inner needs and tough external circumstances. When no one else is able to come and help, He will definitely come to deliver us and give us rest. When others do not understand, He understands us. When others take us lightly, He understands us fully and sympathizes with us. When other power centers fail to provide us with the kind of resources we desperately need, He comes with heavenly resources like peace, compassion, love and grace to help us with our needs. He comes to command us not to be boggled with our situations as He comes to take control and dispels all our fears, apprehensions, restlessness, frustrations and confusions.

Hello dear reader, the Lord wants all of us today to realize that when other helpers shy away from us in times of dire need, there is a place of quiet rest and peace near to the heart of God. He responds to our earnest call for help and support. His love for us would not let Him keep away from us or take us lightly. We are His greatest concern here on earth. Our business is His business. Our hurts are taken seriously by Him. Our situations with all the implications are quite well understood by Him. What lies ahead of us is known to Him with all its ramifications and so He acts on time to prevent any untoward things in our lives. We need to be like the two blind men on the side of the road Jesus took to go to Jerusalem. When there was too much noise around, they called all the more loudly until there was a response from Jesus. The depth of our needs ought to make us call loudly, again and again, as David called, until He got an answer. The sincerity and importunity with which we call is very well understood by Him. He stops for us as He stopped for His servants when they were in caves, deserts, dungeons, fire, water, waves, storms, chains and in sicknesses of various kinds. He answers us to meet our needs and bless us with His presence and promises. He commands our fears to disappear and brings our situations under control. He reestablishes peace and rest in our lives according to His measure. So dear reader, why do you delay in calling Him today? He listens and will respond to you with His mighty hands to deliver you and dispel all your fears.

Psalms 34:4 – I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.

Thought for Today
Our calls are always answered by the Lord to reassure us of His nearness to us in times of need.

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