Friday, February 10, 2012


Ceaseless Fountain of Compassion!

Verse for Today: Friday, February 10, 2012

Psalms 40:11 – You, O Lord, will not withhold Your compassion from me; Your lovingkindness and truth will continually preserve me.

We move forward in life because of the confidence we have in the Lord about His immeasurable compassion and love to His children. He deals in us not on the basis of our merit, qualification and eligibility to receive His lovingkindness. He is truthful in His character of being kind and compassionate to His children. If He takes into account our faults, failures and faithlessness, it would be difficult for us to receive any thing from the Lord. If He looks at our behavior, attitude, inclinations and coldness of hearts towards Him, it would be difficult to expect anything from Him. But our Lord doesn’t deal with us on the basis of our iniquities, but according to His nature of being benevolent and merciful. We do not find such compassion from people around us. People are often fault finders and they judge us according to their perceptions and prejudices. And they often willfully discount facts and truth. They point fingers at us but forget their own faults. But even as we have faults in us, our Lord shows compassion to us and comes to us with full understanding of our emotions and weaknesses. He sympathizes with our infirmities and weaknesses. He forgives our confessed sins and gives us more and more opportunities to straighten out our lives with His help. We find Him unilaterally going to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Jonah and Peter to help them clean up the mess they have created in their lives. In all of this, the Lord dealt with them with compassion and mercy. He forgave their shortcomings and gave them opportunities to start all over again on several occasions. Our God deals mercifully with all His children to help them handle their situations and circumstances. When they reap the results of their failures in life, He goes to show them kindness and teach them lessons so as to overcome such failures in the future. When we cry unto Him, He comes to wipe our tears and strengthen our hearts to face our situations courageously.

Dear friend, are you going through a time of distress because of your past failures in life? Your Lord can minimize the damage caused by your foolishness in life out of His compassion. He knows how weak you are and will come to strengthen you. When you are sad, He comes to cheer you up. When you lament over your past, He comes to wipe your past away and give you a new beginning. When you face loss and failures in your ministries and human endeavor, He comes to encourage you to keep going. When you do not see the way forward, He comes as light to your path and lamp to your feet to help you to keep going. When the going gets touch, He comes to take you on His shoulders. When you are unable to carry your burdens in life, He comes to carry you and your burdens. When no one sympathizes with you, He comes to show sympathy and love to you. As you go to His presence, He fills you with Himself and enriches your life with heavenly blessings. He speaks to you in soft and melodious voice to comfort your weary souls. Jacob was a miserable man when he lost all that was dearest to him. But the Lord was compassionate to him by sending chariots to revive his sagging spirit. Jesus reached out to the shut in disciples to revive their depressed souls. Yes, our Lord is compassionate and loving. He is also truthful as He cannot change His character of love, compassion and mercy. When no one shows up to give a drop of compassion to us in our most trying situations, our Lord will come to revive us and make us stand boldly in His presence. We can wait for Him to come at the right time. Our Good Samaritan will come with kindness, healing and sustenance out of His benevolence. He will not leave us alone nor forsake us because He is compassionate to us.

Lamentations 3:22 – Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.

Thought for Today

The ceaseless fountain of God’s compassion flows from His vast and immeasurable ocean of love to His children.

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