Thursday, February 9, 2012


Quest for increased faith!

Verse for Today: Thursday, February 09, 2012

John 20:27 –
Then (Jesus) said to Thomas, “Reach here with your finger, and see My hands; and reach here your hand and put it into My side; and do not be unbelieving, but believing.”

When we develop doubt and confusion and find it difficult to believe, our Lord comes to us to fortify our weak faith. He takes time to make our faith clear to us rather than rebuking or scolding us for doubting. He sympathizes with our lack of faith and would deal in us to remove all our doubts and confusions from our heart because He loves and cares for us so much. While He has time for a crowd and goes to them to preach and teach them, He also has time for one individual who is weak in faith and willing to admit it to Him. When the faith of Thomas was weak, Jesus was there to strengthen him. He gave Thomas enough evidences to put all his trust in the resurrected Lord. Thomas pronounced in his weak faith that he would believe if he sees evidence and Jesus met his challenge with full evidence. When the evidence was placed before him, instead of checking it out, he became broken in his spirit and repented of his unbelief. The instance of restoration of Thomas’ faith tells us today about the marvelous ministry of restoration performed by Jesus in our daily lives. When we have weak faith, we have the freedom to go to the Lord expressing our exasperation and He will certainly come to us to repel all doubt and confusions in our faith. He speaks to us in special ways through His Word and reminds us of the promises He has given us. He fortifies our faith through the events of other children of God. He shows us through turn of events in our own lives that we can truly trust Him in our lives.

Dear reader, are you engulfed in doubts and confusions in your current situation? Your doubt and apprehensions are often because of the seeming silence of God in your situations. Sometimes your over-expectations and over-ambitions make you doubt God’s power. But the Lord understands your genuine doubts and confusions and would definitely deal with your weak faith if you truly desire to see His glory in your life situations. Sometimes the Lord speaks to us when we are all alone in a special way to dispel all our doubts. At other times He speaks to us through events of the past or the present which are strong reminders of God’s hand in your lives. If we have questions, He will answer us to make things clear. If we put our faith in Him to clear our doubts, He will diffuse our doubts and give us the strength to believe in His power to accomplish things for us in our lives which are according to His will. His servants like Abraham, Jacob, David, Nehemiah and Paul had times of hopelessness and doubt in their lives. But the Lord visited and revisited them on a number of occasions to strengthen their faith through reassurances. When they were tossed around with doubts and confusions, the Lord appeared to them with messages of encouragement. Today we can find strength in our moments of weak faith from His Word and in His presence. He has given us scores of promises and He keeps reminds us that He will not relent. There is not even an iota of space for doubt in our Lord whose track record of keeping His promises is full, complete, absolute and perfect and without exception. So today we can rely on Him to strengthen us in our moments of weak faith so that we too can worship the Lord, as did Thomas, for His greatness in revealing Himself to the weakest of His disciples. Thomas had a heart-cry for his desire to believe and the Lord met him at his lowest echelon of faith to meet his need to build up his faith. He will do the same for us today and build us up in our faith in Him which will cause us also to praise Him.

Luke 17:5 –
The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”

Thought for Today

Our craving for increased faith will be fully satisfied by our Lord through the series of personal encounters He grants us.


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