Saturday, February 25, 2012


Feast at His Riverbank!

Verse for Today: Saturday, February 25, 2012

Psalms 36:8 – They feast in the abundance of Your house; You give them drink from Your river of delights.

It is delightful for a starving person to be at a feast and have a fill for the tummy and the eyes. The feast has so much more than a person can devour. It satisfies all the cravings of a hungry person. Not only that, there is so much to drink from a whole river that is made available to the thirsty soul. This again fills the body and the eyes. Only those who have experienced true hunger and thirst will know the significance of immeasurable quantity of excellent food and satiating drink. Those hungry and thirsty souls who come to the Lord to meet their cravings have this opportunity to meet all their needs abundantly. They may be starving for love, mercy, peace and rest. The earthly sources cannot satisfy our cravings and satisfy our souls’ desires and sometimes even our physical and temporary needs cannot be fully met by them. They give us temporary and pseudo satisfaction and leave us at their mercy for each meal or drink. The more we take what the world offers, the more we want. The world creates hunger and thirst for knowledge, entertainment, position, power, possessions, popularity and prestige. The more we find these, the deeper our cravings will be for it all. But ultimately these will leave our hearts empty and lurching. All who went that way have been grossly frustrated. But if we want lasting satisfaction, we must go to the presence of the Lord where an abundant spiritual feast on the Lord’s riverbank. If we are denied love in our lives by our dear ones, we can enjoy unconditional love from the Father and the Savior. The world gives us some empty bottles with misleading labels, it demands all of what we have in return. But God loves us without expecting any thing in return. The peace that is available in His presence is peace that passes all understanding in any difficult circumstance. His feast grants unspeakable joy in spite of all our circumstances. He gives us a fountain of a river to drink from and the water of life in that river is the spiritual delight of all that a dry and parched life craves for. There is guarantee of full, abundant and permanent satisfaction of all our cravings at this great feast for the souls. We have an open and loving invitation to this feast and the door is open for us to go in and devour.

Dear reader, are you craving for a bit of unselfish love today? Is your soul aching for a drop of peace in your soul so as to rest for a while? Are you tired of knocking at the doors of the world to satisfy you and finding yourself left abandoned with pseudo satisfaction? There is a feast of heavenly bliss and satisfaction waiting for you today to satisfy all your innermost cravings. If you spend time with the Lord in His presence, He will fill you with His Spirit who will satisfy your needs for love, peace and rest. Your loneliness will be replaced with uninterrupted fellowship of Triune God. If you are locked up by situations in the dark dungeons of life, your Lord will be with you to talk to you and wipe away all your anguishes and pain. Your prison cell will be filled with the sweet aroma of His presence. He will wipe your tears and fill your life with divinely delightful and rich experiences. If your needs are emotional, physical, social, livelihood or of a weak faith, He will meet those needs according to His rich resources. He will open magnificent doors for you to enter into unthinkably new areas of service for the Lord. Even as you are probably struggling in the realities of life, the Lord will use you to touch other lives which go through great needs of various kinds. Today you are invited to go to His presence and devour from His table of delights and to His stream to drink to the brim and use your energy to touch the depraved lives around us.

Psalms 23:2 – (The Lord) makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters.

Thought for Today

When we go to the Lord begging for bread, He surprises us into a fabulous feast of rich heavenly blessings at the bank of His river of living water.

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