Sunday, February 12, 2012


Compassion to the obedient!

Verse for Today: Sunday, February 12, 2012

Psalms 103:13 – Just as a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.

Compassion is a virtue that is extended to those who are helpless and are willing to admit it. It is administered by those who have a soft corner for those who deserve mercy. There are those who have compassion to others, but parents know best what it means to be compassionate towards their children. When the children are hungry, sick, lonely and frustrated, the compassionate father takes time to feed them, give them company and encourage them and sooth their bodies. When children cry, fathers go to them, hold them in their hands and wipe their tears. Understanding a compassionate father is a good way to understand the Heavenly Father who is compassionate to all His children all through the generations. He knows each child with their strengths and weaknesses and understands their emotional and physical needs. He knows the reasons why they suffer or feel frustrated. Our Lord also looks into our hearts to see if we have any fear and respect for Him. His obedient children receive favors from the Lord. He pours love and mercy into each of them in the measure in which they need His favor. He fills their lives with good things. He takes them to His green pastures and cool waters to feed and quench their thirst. When they are tired of the heat of the wilderness journey, He takes them to His shadow to enjoy His coolness. He comforts them when they endure emotional or physical pain. He helps them to walk in His ways and teaches them great and valuable lessons in life. He holds them in His hands and cuddles them as little children are cuddled by their fathers. Every need of every child is met by the Lord who has immense resources to meet all their varied needs. But this relationship is not one-sided. The Lord seeks after His children who respond to His love and compassion.

Dear reader, have you experienced and enjoyed the intimate relationship your Lord has with you? How well do you relate to Him? Do you speak to Him regularly and listen to Him? Do you spend time with Him in His presence and meditate on His Word? Abraham had a special time each day to spend with the Lord. Jacob met with Him and kept renewing his intimacy with Him. David knew Him intimately and enjoyed His compassion and love which made him write innumerable songs about His compassion. Moses enjoyed His favor and was instrumental in channeling His blessings and favors to the children of Israel. Through the centuries, His prophets stood in His presence to listen to His messages to His people and so they were used as heralds of God. He met His servants them their low and high ebbs of life. When they passed through fire, flood and wilderness and faced attacks from their enemies, He stood with them and delivered them. He touched their lives and held their hands during their sojourn. When no one showed any compassion to them, in their moments of frustration their Lord opened the streams of compassion, mercy and love to them and soothed their hearts. But we must understand that even though the Lord’s favors are available to all His children in the general sense, His special favors are available to those who fear and obey Him and walk according to His commandments. His compassion never stops, but in order to appropriate it, we must keep our fellowship with Him in an unbroken manner. Today the Lord reaches out to His obedient and faithful servants and meets their needs on the basis of His compassion to them. He expects us to receive His favors as we continue to serve Him faithfully.

Psalms 128:1 – Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways.

Thought for Today

God’s compassion is available to all, but it is appropriated only by those who fear Him and walk in His ways.

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