Friday, January 20, 2012


God's delay is investment!

Verse for Today: Friday, January 20, 2012

Exodus 3:2 – There the angel of the Lord appeared to (Moses) in flames of fire from within a bush.

The life of Moses has been one of uncertainties, hopelessness and waste on several occasions. He was born in a hopeless environment and there was on assurance that he would be even live and grow up. But God prepared a way for him to survive the challenges of times and designed one of the most unique opportunities for him to grow up and get best education. Later when he tried to be the savior of his brethren in Egypt, it ended up in disappointment and he had to run for life and live in exile for 40 years with bleak prospects. But God never gave up on him. The past 80 years of his life has been one of different types of training in God’s School of Faith to equip him to lead his people through the desert. When there seemed no scope or hope for him to come up to serving God and His people, God opened a mysterious way. Moses was given a visitation by God in unusual circumstances. God spoke to him about the greater mission that has been designed for him. This appearance was unexpected and unthinkable for Moses, but it was all part of God’s plan for Moses. God showed him the picture of a life that would go through fire but would not burn off as a living sacrifice. But unless Moses was willing to go through the experience of fire, he would not give light and warmth to the dark and cold lives of the people of Israel in Egypt. Moses was forearmed and forewarned about a life that God prepared for him in serving the interests of His people.

Dear reader, are you going through a time of purposelessness, thinking that you are forgotten by God and that He is not opening doors for you to serving Him? Do you feel disillusioned that you are worthless for God? But God has not forgotten you and is waiting for His time to come for Him to use you. In the meanwhile, you are being prepared and matured by the Lord for greater purposes and plans that He has for you. It is impossible that God forgets or abandons you because you are already part of God’s design and plan for your time and beyond. In His marvelous grace, God has a design for your life which He fits well into His grand plan and program for His Kingdom. When the world forgets, discounts and ignores you, God still remembers you. When the world thinks that you are no more usable, God gives you more and more opportunities. When circumstances try to prove to you that you are sidelined by God and when you are intimidated by the feeling of being useless, God is still training and developing you for greater ministries. From being ordinary, you will soon be called into doing greater things for Him. He wants to teach you patience and mature you as a seasoned individual so that you would fit well with His plan and program which will unfold day after day. When circumstances try to discourage you, God will reveal His glory to you in and through unusual circumstances. Remember, you are in the presence of God who lightens up even inanimate objects like a bush to shed light into your heart about how He would use you. Today is yet another day for you to marvel at the tremendous ways by which God proves to you how important you are to Him and how you are a part of His grand design. It is time to crucify all your discouragements and frustrations and once again confess your inadequacy. He will pick you up from the bush and bring you to the limelight for His glory.

Amos 7:15 – But the Lord took me from tending the flock and said to me, “Go, prophesy to my people Israel.”

Thought for Today

God’s delays are His investment in your life to mature you to fit you into His grand design.

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