Saturday, January 21, 2012


Painful Beautification!

Verse for Today: Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ecclesiastes 3:11 - He has made everything beautiful in His time.

All of God’s creation is good in itself. All creation has been given a uniqueness and beauty in itself by God. It is not only the extrinsic beauty, but also intrinsic and in its totality. His new creation is also beautiful because whatever God creates will always be beautiful in its stead. We know that God’s first creation was marred because of sin and disobedience by man and so He has been recreating everything submitted to Him through the sacrificial death of His Son on the cross. It is God’s desire and will that all that He recreates is beautiful and so God implants His holiness, power, strength, wholesomeness and perfection in it. He recreates the lives of those who submit themselves to Him through the salvation of their souls. Their lives are a new spiritual creation with the potential to become perfect. They are positionally made perfect in Christ. They are being perfected on a daily basis through the process of sanctification. They will be made perfect when they will be taken away from the presence of sin. But as they live here on earth, God is with them to make their lives beautiful through a series of new beginnings for renewal and revival in their lives. It starts with repentance which is the act of purifying the blemishes we accrue in our souls from our sinful environment. As we continue to submit each and every aspect of our lives to God with repentance, He takes it, remolds it and makes mends for our mistakes and failures. God’s children are thus being beautified through the fingers of the Master Designer for His glory. No matter what mistakes we make, if we confess it totally to the Lord, He will forgive us and will work according to His time frame to make our lives beautiful. When we submit ourselves for His time and work in us, our failures will be turned around to become victory and our lives transformed into His likeness.

Dear friend, are you increasingly aware of the ways by which your life has been marred by sin and worldliness? As you live in an environment of sin and in a sinful body, the enemy of your soul with the help of your flesh will do every thing possible to make you come short of the expectations God has for you. So you need to have a life of continuous repentance. Our consciousness of our shortcomings and failures is not to sink us into frustration, but to elevate us to repentance and renewal. When we give ourselves to the Lord on a continuous basis, He will do the work of continuous renewal of our souls. We will have to be tuned to the Spirit of God for Him to speak to us about our failures and to repent. The Spirit points us towards the areas of our failures and renews the call to repentance. When we truly repent, we confess our part in our failures and do not put the blame on someone or something else. Unless we take the initiative in cleaning up our vessels and allow our Lord to scrub us rough, it would not be possible for our vessels to be renewed. When the Lord renews us, He rubs off the image of the world which has fallen on our lives, and puts His imprint on us which will be reflected in and through our attitude and expressions. This is how He makes us beautiful and it takes time to happen. If we are not patient and willing to go through the process of beautification, it would not be feasible for us to become beautiful. Yes, He will make all things beautiful including our lives. All other things can be made beautiful unilaterally by our Lord, but if we want our lives to be made beautiful, we will have to repent and allow the Lord to scrub us wherever necessary. Today let us commit ourselves to be made beautiful by the Lord, for which let us first and foremost confess our shortcomings and failures to Him. Let us repent and renew our lives and hand it all to the Lord to handle it His way so that we would bear the imprint of Christ and be truly beautiful.

1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Thought for Today

If we are willing to burn our lives for Jesus, He will make beauty out of our ashes.

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