Saturday, January 28, 2012


Help from the Owner of the universe!

Verse for Today: Saturday, January 28, 2012

Psalms 121:2 – My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

The knowledge about the awesomeness of our God is sufficient for us to confide in Him for all our needs and situations. He is the maker of the entire universe simply by the utterance of His mouth. Such is the release of His power when He opens His mouth. When compared to the mundane needs of His children, these works of creation and sustenance of God are awesome and unimaginable for the human mind. Our God who has created us and reshaped our distorted lives on the cross of Calvary reminds us often about His overwhelming capacity, power, strength, glory and majesty that He wants to demonstrate in our lives on a daily basis. He is there to help us in all our situations. He is available to give us knowledge, wisdom and counsel about how to handle all our situations. He gives us wise counsel about what to do to meet each of our needs. He has asked us to ask Him to help us when He has already prepared a way and has sufficient resources to meet the needs. In other words, He is making us His partners in meeting our needs even when we do not have any inputs in it on our own. He does it all by Himself, but it works through our asking in prayer, our right desires which He helps us to have and His implementation plan that He works in and through us. When we know Him intimately, we are pleasantly surprised by the ways in which He works in and through us for His good pleasure to meet our needs so that He gets all the glory. So He allows our lives to become a platform through which His name is glorified as He meets our needs according to His powerful creativity. Thus our needs are met by Him and His name is glorified in us.

Dear friend, have you recognized your life as a platform through which God exhibits His powerful majesty as He meets your needs according to His riches in glory? As you are His through creation and redemption, He wants you to understand that He expects absolute possession of your life to glorify His name. If you give yourself to Him for His good pleasure, your desires will stem from Him and the resources to meet those needs also will come from Him. Your needs are those that come from your realization of desires and priorities which He plants in your life. He has already prepared all the resources you need to meet these needs and will make them available to you as you seek His help. While you wait for His help to come to you, He keeps reminding you about His awesome power with which He has created everything. Is there any difficulty for such a great God to meet a few mundane needs of His children? His answer is found in His entire creation which is ultimately for His children to live to please Him. He is asking us to look at all that He has created to understand that if He has prepared all of it for us, how would we be poor in our faith to doubt Him and His capacity to provide for all our needs? Look at the way He looks after the grass, wild flowers, the sparrows and the planets? He looks after His children in a far more glorious way if only we leave our lives to Him and trust Him to meet all our needs. Today is yet another day for us to take God at His Word and put all our faith in Him to sustain us and meet all our needs according to the vastness of His fabulous resources. In God’s economy, our needs are far fewer when compared to His vast and inexhaustible resources.

Psalms 33:20 – We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.

Thought for Today

The Owner and Sustainer of the vast creation will not leave His beloved children in wants for mundane things in life.


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