Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Cave songs!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, March 28, 2011

Psalms 142:3 – When my spirit grows faint within me, it is You who know my way.

A dark cave in an unknown land is the most insecure place in the world. It is likely that there are wild animals inside or at the mouth of the cave. The detractors of the servant of God are hunting and haunting him everywhere to annihilate him. There is no way for him to know what the next moments would bring. Such cumbersome situations are sufficient to make any bold person grow faint. It is a time of sagging spirit and loosing hope. But even in such situations, our Lord is with us as He was with David. In the wake of utter hopelessness, there was hope in the Lord who promised deliverance for him. When we feel that the way is shut for us and think that we are at the last lap of our race, He comes to open the most mysterious new ways which He has planned for us. When the enemy tries to shut us off all around, our Lord comes to open another door for us to enter. Even when we do not know the way or see the next step, we find Him as our next step forward. We can put our next step on Him by faith and wait for Him to show us the subsequent steps one by one. Such promises are sufficient to revive our sagging spirits. Abraham faced such challenges several times in his sojourn. Sometimes he got stuck and stopped going forward, but the Lord held his hands to walk forward. Sometimes he took detours, but the Lord came to bring him back. He took Abraham to Hebron, a place of worship and fellowship where miracles were waiting for him. The impossible were giving way to the possibilities of God so that Abraham would continue to be a blessing to the whole world. David learned these truths which kept him going and made him sing sweet melodies to the Lord even in the cave. Today we are given the opportunity to sing these melodies to the Lord and His faithful ways because He causes new ways to evolve and emerge before us a step at a time.

Dear friend, are you a shut-in today and finding yourself stuck on your way? Are you loosing direction as you spend your nights out in a cave-like situation? Are you afraid of the darkness that is inside and outside the cave? Do you fear that your detractors are waiting outside to eat you up? But your Lord will not leave you alone or abandon you at these darkest moments of your life. His promises are your strength when all your strength vaporizes. The promise of His hope is your ray of light in the darkest alleys and valleys of life. When God is with you to take you forward through unknown pathways, He reminds you that He has gone before you to prepare your way. He knows each step of your way and has enough provisions for you to enjoy all the way. His promises escort you in front, back, sides, top and bottom so that no evil will devour you. His glory is around you so that the darts of the enemy will not penetrate you. His joy is your strength which fills you even when there is no hope for a joyful life. He takes away all apprehensions and fills you with hope for the unknown moments that lie ahead of you. His promises will help you to laugh at the impossibilities of the world which threaten to annihilate you. So there is no need to be afraid of the hidden snares which are planted by the enemy on your way, but to simply trust in the Lord to take you forward by faith with songs in the caves.

Psalms 91:11 – For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

Thought for Today

We can trust the Lord and His light in the darkest moments of our sojourn.

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