Monday, March 5, 2012


He lifts me up!

Verse for Today: Monday, March 05, 2012

Mark 9:27 – But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up.

There are millions of lives which are in hopeless condition because of the work of the enemy of human soul. He fights with those who have become God’s children to distract them and make them stumble in their walk with the Lord. He also uses his best strategies so that those who are not saved become totally insensitive to the gospel call. There are times when some children of God become emotionally and spiritually sick and withdraw from all spiritual activities. There are many Ishmaels among us who lie in the desert without water and nourishment, and no one is there to lift them up. There are Eutychuses among us who sleep and fall down dead even in spiritual gatherings. We also find many in the families of God’s people who are spiritually dead and need a special lift. But the most serious fall of all is that each one of us is prone to as we live in this wicked and evil world. We often come across God’s children who camouflage themselves with a religious color but are emotionally and spiritually insensitive to the working of the Spirit of God in their lives. When all efforts to revive such spiritually weak and fainthearted people fail, there is still hope for them. We need to prevail over the Lord Jesus to come over and touch them and lift them up. The extent of influence the world has on people can only be broken through consistent and relentless prayer and fasting. Jesus will turn our failures in reviving the fainthearted to success if we approach Him with importunity. He is willing to come if we are willing to sincerely invite Him to our situations. If there are spiritual hindrances for Jesus to come in, we have the responsibility to remove it through confession, repentance and restitution. We must prepare our hearts for Jesus to come in. He is asking us today to take all our fainthearted people to Him so that He can lift them up. No matter how hopeless their situation is, Jesus will fill it with His life and Spirit.

Dear reader, are you confronted with a hopeless situation that you are unable to handle in your life or in the life of any of your dear ones? Is there a situation in your own life that needs drastic and radical change? Are you frustrated that there is no change in your scenario in spite of best efforts? If so, it is time to hand it over completely to Jesus and wait in prayer for Him to resolve it. It is also vital that we put all our hope in the Lord and have faith in Him that He will impact our situation according to His divine plan. It is particularly important for us to cling on to Jesus like the Phoenician woman rather than relent and get frustrated with previously failed attempts. Jesus will come and lift you up from your present predicaments. He will make you stand again and come alive. If there have been setbacks in your ministries, don’t give up, but hand it over to Jesus. If there are unsaved dear ones in your circle, take them for the Lord Jesus to lift them up. If you need victory over temptations or desire a revival in your own soul, Jesus will grant it to you. He can transform your hopeless situations to times of rebuilding and revitalization. He wants to make your life and testimony lively and energetic again. He can supply you with the spiritual energy you are lacking today to be of use to Him. He will help you to come out of your religiosity to true spirituality. He will transform you from backsliding to true discipleship. He is faithful and powerful to revive your sagging situation and fill it with hope.

Matthew 14:31 – Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” He said, “why did you doubt?”

Thought for Today

Our Lord’s hands are powerful to lift up the most hopeless scenarios of our lives and re-energize us.


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