Friday, March 2, 2012


Unspoken faith!

Verse for Today: Friday, March 02, 2012

Mark 5:28 – When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His cloak.

When God touches us with His grace, He expects us to reciprocate it with a touch of faith. He wants us to respond to His compassion by saying ‘amen’ to His grace to meet our needs. He examines our hearts to see whether we believe Him and His promises. He is looking for evidence of our faith through our actions and attitude towards His all sufficiency. He wants to touch the lives of all who are needy, but only those who respond to His power by faith will experience it in their lives. When all around prove to be helpless, Jesus still helps. When all other systems fail, Jesus never fails. When all other ground is sinking sand, Jesus is still the Rock of Ages. If we touch Him by faith, as did the chronically ill woman, His power will flow into our body, mind and spirit to make us whole again. We can express our faith in His power publicly as a testimony or touch Him by faith secretly in our closets. We can claim His power in our lives through public or secret prayer. Sometimes our faith may not be strong enough for us to openly claim His power in our needs and so we speak to Him in the quietness of our hearts. Some of our needs might be embarrassing for us to pronounce it in the open. We may also air our needs in an unspoken manner so that others may not know what they are. But our Lord looks into our hearts to see the genuineness of our needs and our attitude of utter depravity and total dependence on Him. Our faith could be simple, weak and childlike rather than strong and eloquent. But the Lord will grant it to us if we are desperate and express it with importunity. When we touch Him, power will flow from Him to us to meet our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It is amazing to know that He comes to us in His person so that we can reach out and touch Him. But if we miss the opportunity to touch the hems of His garments, we would be the biggest losers.

Dear reader, are you feeling desperate need in your body, mind or spirit? Perhaps you would have tried all possible avenues to resolve your problems and found no impact. You would have spent a lot of your resources and time to find a solution to your situation. But there is always an answer from the Lord Jesus who comes to you for you to touch Him. You may not need to touch His feet or hands all the time. It is how your heart interacts with Him that matters and that is how you touch Him. Today Jesus is available for you to touch His hems by faith. He is ready to meet your need and has all the resources you need at His disposal. There is often instant resolve, but sometimes the solution comes as He prepares you and your situation to receive it. It is not the magnitude of your faith, but the greatness of the Person on whom you genuinely put your faith that matters. It is not how big your problem is, but how big and great your Lord is that matters. His reservoir of blessings is huge and vast and is kept ready for you. Your difficulties are felt by Him when you submit yourself to Him along with your problems. Our problems and concerns are important for Him because of His love and compassion for us. His reservoir of resources is for us to draw upon. He expects us to go to His storehouse and draw from it in His name. The name of Jesus is the key to open the warehouse of God. When we use His name, the windows of heaven will open and the outpouring will start. But it is limited to the extent to which we are willing to use the key by faith to meet your needs.

Matthew 9:22 – Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.” The woman was healed from that moment.

Thought for Today

When Jesus touches me, His grace flows from Him to me and when I touch Him, my faith flows from me to Him.

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