Thursday, March 8, 2012


Strong wind, but Stronger Lord!

Verse for Today: Thursday, March 08, 2012

John 6:18 – A strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough.

One great victory in our walk with Jesus doesn’t guarantee that trouble will never visit us again. Past experience of victory is to make us stronger to face greater tests and trials. But we must be quick to realize that our past victories were not because we were strong, but because our Lord demonstrated His power in our affairs. Our past success is to make us humbler before the Lord and to trust Him more for the future. Past successes ought to declare our total inadequacy and the faithfulness of our Lord to take us through future challenges. As we keep rowing our boats of life in the ocean of this world, winds will again blow against us. The wind will come against us when we least expect it and are least prepared for it. Mighty wind will come our way soon after we witness the miracle of the fabulous feeding of the hungry masses. The grace that we need to face the wind and rough waters is quite different from the grace we enjoy when faced with shortage of food. But the Lord Jesus calms our hearts to face all our situations boldly and with faith. Our experience at the sea of life ought to equip us to expect mightier winds and rough waters any time, but there is no need for us to be afraid because our Lord is out there on the billows of the rough sea. He seems far away, but His presence is with us always. The wind will not come without His knowledge. He has seen the wind from its beginning to the end. The wind has to come and it will have to pass by. We might go through it, but we are protected from its ill-effects because we are in the Lord’s hands. It is amazing to see the layers of protection we keep enjoying in our lives. He is with us and all around us. His presence is in our boats. His angels encompass around us. In the midst of the darkness that prevails around us in this dark world, our Lord is our light and so we can go forward with full trust in Him to take us forward. He has seen our journey from its beginning to the end and He knows when we will reach the other side of the lake. He will not forsake us halfway in a whirlwind in the ocean. He commands us today not to be afraid of the wind and the rough waters.

Dear friend, are you in the midst of a mighty wind and on rough waters of life today? Perhaps there is utter darkness around you which prevents you from seeing the way forward and you might be groping for direction. Remember, the invisible hands of the Lord are with you. The same hands which created the sea and the wind are your protection and strength in times of fear and frustration. Remember, the Lord is your way forward and He will lead you even through the darkness that is around. The Lord is sufficient for you in your cloudy, dark and rough circumstances. Just open your eyes to see the Lord coming towards you to strengthen and encourage you to go forward. As He interacts with you in the darkness, you will see that you reach your destination unhurt. Perhaps you are tired of rowing a few miles through turbulent weather. Just trust Him to give you the strength to row hard. It is not your rowing that takes you across the lake, but the power of God that He has bestowed upon you. It is your faith in the power of the Lord that helps you to keep going when the going gets tough and rough. Today He comes to take away your fears about the wind, rough waters and the utter darkness around you and increase your faith to march forward.

Psalms 107:30 – They were glad when the sea grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven.

Thought for Today

We are granted supernatural vision to see the Lord in His glory in the midst of utter darkness on our pathways of billows and hurricanes.


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