Sunday, March 11, 2012


Pillar of Goodness!

Verse for Today: Sunday, March 11, 2012

Psalms 27:13 - I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

The greatest antidote to despair and despondency is to believe on the goodness of the Lord. When we look back to the years that we have trod with the Lord, there are enough and more reasons to put all our trust in the Lord. The miles we had walked with Him only leave us with adequate reasons to keep trusting on Him to lead us further. Sure enough, there were ups and downs in the past. We would have sailed on the billows of rough seas and traveled through dark valleys of life. There would have been experiences of fire, flood, wind and waves, along with times of threat from people who behaved like wild animals. It is likely that we had several experiences of uncertainties about livelihood, health, family and children, but the Lord led through it all with His goodness. These are the milestones for us to remember the faithfulness of God in our lives. When we passed through tempests and earthquakes in life, our Lord was with us to protect and preserve us. When the enemy fought us tooth and nail in the emotional and spiritual realms of life, our Lord kept us under His wings. When the heat of the desert was so high as to parch our throats with thirst, our Lord comforted us under His cool shadow and gave us the living water to quench our thirst. When we are under the juniper tree with all hope lost, He came to us with comfort and encouragement to keep going. When all seemed lost, our Lord was with us to reassure us that nothing good will ever be denied to us. He confirmed to us that if we had lost anything for Him, He will compensate it all with interest when we reach the Father’s House. So if despair knocks at the doors of your hearts today, answer the knocks with a long list of faithfulness of our Lord in the past and His innumerable promises for our future.

Dear reader, are you experiencing increasing hopelessness in your life? Are your circumstances such that the future looks bleak? This is a terror tactic that the enemy of our soul uses often to make us bewildered about our future and push us into despondency and loss of faith. But the Lord wants you to take a walk with Him in the memory lane of your life to see the milestones of His faithfulness to you. Start counting these milestones of blessings, deliverance and victories that He had blessed you with. It is time to once again praise Him for the past provisions that you enjoyed from Him. When you start praising Him for the past, the enemy will flee from you and you will once again be relieved of the fear that gripped you about your future. It is an undeniable fact that the Lord who has brought us so far will not forsake us on the way today. The enemy only tries to tear us down and frustrate us to despair and despondency. He will never build us up, but will only try to steal away our peace and trust in the Lord. So let us be confident in renewing our faith in the Lord who sustained us and brought us so far. He who is faithful to bring us so far will be powerful enough to take us forward to our eternal destination. So we can be confident in our Lord and renew our faith and allegiance to Him for all our present and future needs. If you are in the ashes of your burned up plans and desires, you are challenged to believe like Abraham in the Lord who can bring beauty from the ashes. He will continue to shower His goodness on us in the days to come and hold our hands to walk the miles of His faithfulness in the future.

Psalms 31:19 – How great is Your goodness which you have stored up for those who fear You, which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You.

Thought for Today

God’s goodness in the past is assurance enough that more goodness is on the way all the days of our lives.

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