Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Verse for Today: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 Samuel 7:29 – For You, O Sovereign Lord, have spoken, and with your blessing the house of your servant will be blessed forever.

The blessings we have are governed by the sovereign will of God who is the source of true blessedness. His blessings are spiritual in nature. When God governs our heart, emotions and situations, we become blissful. Blissfulness is the character of God in that He is full of joy, contentment and peace in all circumstances and situations. His blissfulness is not affected by things that happen at any point in time. He sees the goodness of each event in time in the perspective of eternity. He knows that anything temporal will not give man lasting peace, joy and rest because the temporal events and things will lead to momentary elation or grief. But God wants to use events, incidents and developments in a person’s life to impart eternal spiritual blessing which will not depart from him. It is well known that many events in David’s life did not give him any joy at all. The blood that he shed, the rebellion of his children with their dark lives, sin in his own life, the occasional unbelief that controlled his life into faithless actions and the behavior of some of his associates led to pain in David’s life. There have been painful events in the lives of his posterity which were far from blissful. But the spiritual implications of the ministry of David, his hymns, his life of repentance, the prophetic word which stemmed from his heart and pen, the justice he imparted to Israel, his attitude to Saul and his family and his stand against revenge are all examples of the spiritual blessings David enjoyed in life. The implication of the throne of David that the Sovereign Lord promised him is the greatest blessing that David enjoyed in life. David knew the spiritual secret of how to trust God in the midst of thick adversity and to convert every anguish into praise and trust in the Lord. David’s excitement about true and lasting spiritual blessings ought to challenge us to covet such blessings in our lives so that it would have eternal impact in our lives and that of those we touch by faith.

Dear reader, what are your cravings in life? Are they spiritual blessings which will glorify God and will have eternal impact in your life and that of those whose lives you touch? Are you tempted to crave material, social and emotional blessings which give you elation and excitement that will vaporize and disappear? When God gives you true blissfulness, it might be through the rough patches of life. God takes glory to His name through the battles, pain, misery, depravity and pain which He permits on your way to purify and revive you spiritually. God uses everyday mundane event in your life to teach you spiritual lessons to guide and lead you. In the life and reign of David, the spiritual blessings that he received from the Lord had eternal implications, but the material and social prosperity waned away. The worldly glory of David was soon gone and his family went through abominations, division and family feud which shattered his family and his nation and brought them into Babel. It caused his beloved Jerusalem with its magnificent temple to be burned down. But God’s spiritual blessing will bring his family and nation together to prepare the way for the millennial kingdom of the Lord to rule from Jerusalem. Let the life and experience of David teach us to desire spiritual blessings which will last all eternity. Let us look for spiritual blessings in each and every bitter and tearful incident we go through on a daily basis. Let us learn to enjoy true blissfulness in spite of our difficulties. Let us be like Abraham who looked for something beyond all that he had as a rich man. Let us shed all the material and social baggage that we carry and desire the great spiritual blessings of ardent faith, uninterrupted peace, quiet rest, a servant heart and a desire to get ourselves lost in the wonder and awe of the majesty of our Lord.

Matthew 5:3 – Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Thought for Today
True spiritual blessedness is the only asset that we can take with us to eternity.

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