Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hiding warriors, come out!

Verse for Today: Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judges 6:12 – When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior”.

In the midst of utter hopelessness, God comes to strengthen and inspire His children. When they are afraid and hiding, He comes to encourage us to keep going by trusting in Him. He comes to make a mighty man of valor out of the most fearful and skeptic person. God comes to fortify and empower His choice servants to fight for Him. God doesn’t speak about their past failures and present fears, but about their future possibilities when they trust in His power. Gideon’s time was one of utter disillusionment for Israel, but God wanted to change it all to one of victory and rest. God picked up the most unlikely candidate to lead His people at such a time of national despair. God calls him a name that will not fit his past or present, but his future as he becomes a fit instrument in God’s hands to fight the enemy. The way God addressed Gideon in the future tense would have given shock-waves in his veins, but it revived his spirit. God answered all his questions of doubt, unbelief and confusion and strengthened his soul to get ready to keep going forward. Today the God of Gideon comes to empower and revive our sagging souls to trust Him to keep going.

Dear friend, have you lost all hope for a victorious future for your life? Have you given up on yourself and your situation as impossible? Are you an emotional wreck because of the bewildering situation you are in? There might be known and unknown fears which grip your body and soul about devastating situations and people who try to devour you. Perhaps you are encountering a financial crunch which makes your next meal a big question mark. There might be unknown fears about your health condition and physical well being. Perhaps the enemy comes to you in the form of intimidating behavior of the people close to you and around you? But your Lord comes to you today to empower and fortify you with Himself. He is around you as a fort so that the enemy cannot penetrate your heart to hurt you. He is your fortress to which you can always take refuge. He is with you to make you what you ought to be. Your future is not based on what you have been in the past, but on what your Lord can make you in the days to come. Your Lord equipped shepherd boys to handle highly equipped warriors with the simplest tools. His warriors can easily handle a fierce lion in a cave on a snowy day. He makes His people walk around a walled city and make the city wall crumble as they merely shout. He snubs fires and shuts the mouths of lions. He makes the sea divided and stands guard for His people to cross over. Today your Lord comes to use you to get victory over all your situations and enemies by strengthening you with His Word. His spoken Word revives your sagging spirit to keep going. He will change your situations and subdue every adversary and make you proceed in joyful procession.  Today He wants you to be a mighty man or woman of valor through the empowering which He wants to impart in your soul? His power will be seen in you if you trust in His pronouncement about your future and go forward by faith.

Isaiah 40:29 – (The Lord) gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Thought for Today
God’s power in us will equip us to handle all our fierce and depressive situations and enjoy victory.

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