Thursday, November 1, 2012


Craving for God!

Verse for Today: Thursday, November 01, 2012

Exodus 33:13 – If You are pleased with me, teach me Your ways so I may know You and continue to find favor with You.

When we know God closely and see His glory, a Godly fear fills our hearts with the awesomeness of His majesty. The vision of God fills our hearts with His glory and makes us realize what we should ask of Him. Such a vision changes our entire perspectives in life. God will then become our priority and desire and nothing else. When we do not know God so well, we might be tempted to ask for favors and possessions in this life. But as we draw closer to God, we would find that anything that we receive from God would have no value at all as compared to developing a deeper understanding of who God really is and to continue to enjoy His favor. It will also develop a great thirst in us to find what pleases God rather than man. This was the experience of Moses as he became more and more conscious of the majesty of God. Our God satisfies the desires of His people who seek His ways and want to please Him. When we see the glittering glory of God, our desire for anything tangible will diminish and disappear from our hearts as God fills us with Himself. Paul had such a desire to know Him more and enjoy the fullness of the power of His resurrection. For Paul, everything tangible was trash as he only desired greater godliness and holiness in life. What we ask from God reveals whether we have really seen His awesomeness and majesty. Moses found what he asked for as God was pleased with him and his deep desire for God. Our God is willing to grant us our most sublime desires for Him today. In the light of His majesty, all that we see around us will become mere passing shadows. The more we see Him, the greater will be our appreciation of His glory. The more we serve Him, the sweeter will He become to our emotions.  As we continue to desire to know Him deeper, He will reveal Himself in all majesty to us to fill every area of vacuum in our lives.

Dear reader, what is your greatest desire for God today? Are you merely interested in getting some things from God to meet your daily needs or some wants? Or do you have a deeper desire to know Him more intimately and be filled with His glory in every area of your life? Moses and Paul could have asked for a lot of things in life and in the ministry itself which they did at the earlier part of their sojourn. But as they grew more in grace, their desire for even blessings in the ministry took a lower priority as compared to their desire to get to know God more intimately. Moses wanted more of God’s greatness in his life. He wanted to know the ways of the Lord more intimately. He wanted to dwell with the Lord because he found out the greatness of God’s abode while on Sinai. He spoke so much with God to be able to know what pleased God which transformed his priorities. From the time of the burning bush, Moses had seen on innumerable occasions how God worked in his life and that of the Israelites. But nothing was as great as the glory of God to him which he saw on Sinai. It changed his priorities, desires, likes and cravings in life. The life and ministry of Moses is a challenge to us today to give God greatest priority in our lives and allow Him to fill us with His greatness. Thus we will be able to live without cares of any kind and trust God to be our greatest priority and desire. Thus when we get lost in His glory, He minds our business and leads us victoriously with all our needs met according to His richness in glory.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Thought for Today

Our desires and priorities reveal the extent to which

 we know God and how much He is a reality in our 


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