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Worthless turned warrior!
Verse for Today: Monday, November 19, 2012

Judges 6:15 – “But Lord,” Gideon asked, “how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.”

The world runs after the best qualified people to handle special and formidable tasks. This has led the world into a battleground for personalities and puffed up resumes. It has brought in cutthroat competition, bitter debates, evidence-based leadership and informatics among peoples and nations. But such qualifications are immaterial in God’s economy where what is abhorred by the world is given a premium. Today God is looking for those who experience true brokenness in their lives. He picks up the fearful and the inexperienced and qualifies them provided they are willing to admit their nothingness before Him. He uses a houseboy like Joseph to become a Prime Minister and a shepherd boy like David to kill a giant through non-conventional means. He uses a person with a speech impediment like Moses to make historic pronouncements even to emperors. He uses a sycamore fruit gatherer like Amos to become a great prophet. He made great Apostles out of unknown fishermen. He made a donkey to speak to a covetous prophet. The greatest qualification for God to use a person is humility, brokenness, emptiness and the willingness to admit it. When God called Gideon, he was well aware of his weaknesses and nothingness. He was fearful and hiding from the enemies. But when God equipped him, he became a great tool in God’s hands to accomplish great things. God knows our hearts so well as to realize whether we qualify even before He comes to us with the call. And He expects us to express our total inadequacy before He uses us so that it would be known to both us and others that our usefulness is out of our inability but God’s enabling.

Dear reader, do you feel utterly unqualified in serving God? Are you aware of your nothingness and inadequacy to be of use to God? But this awareness need not frustrate you because you are the child of a God who uses the base things of this world to accomplish great things for Him. Our God values the lowliest and the meekest. He takes a worthless stone from the field or a donkey’s jaw-bone to accomplish His purposes. But if we are humble before Him, He will be pleased to use us. He converts ordinary water into precious wine. He can even use ravens to wait upon great prophets. He uses poorest widows in the country to feed His servants during famine. A drop of oil and a bit of flour would be sufficient for Him to feed a family for months together. He uses worms to pull down big gourds. But our God abhors pride, arrogance and flamboyance. He fills cups only when they are totally empty. He fills those who are empty of themselves.  He will not despise a truly contrite person, but will build him up for divine purpose. God wants to make use of all His children, but not all gets used up in His service. It depends on our suitability as fit, but humble, broken and empty vessels in His hands. Remember, the proud and arrogant Sauls and Nebuchadnezzars will lose their kingdoms, crowns and thrones. But the humble shepherd boys, fishermen and housemaids will be used mightily by God. Today God is searching for those who are willing to submit their unworthiness to Him so that He can make them fit instruments to be of use to Him.  If we submit to Him, He will remove our phobias, apprehensions and confusions and will fill us with His enabling to make use of us. Our dark and fruitless days will be over when He comes to commission us for His formidable tasks. We must discern His call and respond by placing our broken hearts and lives wrapped in the rags of our lives at His feet to put to His use in His own way.

Psalms 109:22 – For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.

Thought for Today
God puts a premium on broken and base things which are surrendered to Him and makes use of it for His glory.

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