Sunday, November 25, 2012


Wanted: Undefiled conscience!
Verse for Today: Sunday, November 25, 2012
1 Samuel 24:5 – Afterwards, David was conscience-stricken for having cut off a corner of (Saul’s) robe.

It is a great challenge to keep one’s conscience clean when the enemy is using dirty tactics to destroy him. It is a test of one’s integrity and fear of God. David faced such a situation when he saw the enemy face to face. The enemy was from within the clan itself. The enemy was restless and relentless in pursuing and chasing David like a dog. But whenever David caught the enemy defenseless, he kept his faith in his God and never took revenge. He could have annihilated his enemy without any difficulty. But David had a clear and clean conscience. He was a man after God’s own heart. He never wanted to take revenge, but wanted God to rule and overrule all the incidences in his life according to His perfect will. At one point, David was tempted to cut off a corner of King Saul’s robe as an evidence to show that Saul was at striking distance and that David was kind in sparing him. But later his conscience pricked him that he cut portion of Saul’s robe. David believed that if he takes his hands off, his God would work for him. Our God teaches us today that when He is in control of our situation, we need not handle it ourselves, but must by faith take our hands off and expect God to handle it in His way. If we handle it ourselves, we would mess it up. If God alone works in our situation, all the glory for it goes to Him. David’s repentance of his impatience is a challenge for us today as we are confronted by others without a cause. We can leave it all to our God and rest in Him that without His permission, no soul will ever touch us.

Dear reader, are you facing serious intimidation from the enemy of your soul today? Do you find the enemy using people who are dear and near to you to cause you fear and anxiety? But God expects you to hand your situation over to Him. Your affairs are God’s concern and He has a definite plan to take you forward in spite of intimidation. The efforts of the enemy to tarnish your testimony and to cause character assassination will not find lasting impact because you are hidden under the shadow of the Almighty. After all, your testimony in the presence of God and His holy angels is more important than your image among people. You might be misunderstood by the whole world, yet if you are justified before God, that’s all what matters. Joseph had such confidence in God and so he kept quiet when falsely accused. Daniel sustained himself in prayer even when he was threatened to be put in lion’s den. Paul faced innumerable challenges in his ministry from various corners, but he received reassurance from Jesus to take him forward. They all had a clear conscience when they faced the enemy. David had such a clear conscience even as he was chased all around. These experiences made him write songs of praise to God. He didn’t retaliate or fight back. He ran away for life and never reacted when golden opportunities came after him. Even a small act of vindictiveness from his part pricked his conscience and led him to repentance. Today we are challenged to keep our hands off and our mouths shut when we are attacked. We should be driven by undefiled conscience and utter faith in God’s mighty power to protect and sustain us. We must have the confidence that no man can take away what God wants us to have and that we need not fight for it. Let us leave our future to Him by taking our hands off with a clear conscience and a heart full of patience and trust in Him.

Psalms 46:10a – Be still and know that I am God.

Thought for Today
A pricking conscience leads to repentance and to rebuild our faith. 

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