Monday, January 10, 2011


Highest Order of Trust

Verse for Today: Monday, January 10, 2011
Psalms 118:8 - It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.

When we are in dire need, we often approach humans for help. Other humans often promise to help us. But invariably we find humans a great disappointment. Either they change their promises or give excuses for not fulfilling their promises. Often we find them incapable or inadequate to meet the challenges that we are in. The best they can do is to sympathize with us through empty words. All men around us seem to change their attitude towards others over a period of time. The Psalmist found this truth out through his own experiences. Whenever he approached men for help, it all ended up in frustration because either they were unwilling or incapable of helping him. So in essence, the Psalmist admonishes us not to trust in man, but to go to the Lord where there is no disappointment. The Lord is capable and willing to help all who approach Him for help. He is capable to help in all circumstances because His resources are immeasurable and it can meet any need, any time, any where and in any magnitude. God is especially duty bound to help His children. As their Father, He would not abandon His children and leave them as orphans. He has never forsaken any of His children. His promises are all for His beloved children to be confident to face the realities of life. In any rough patch in life, God will help His children to meet the challenges no matter how difficult they may be. But at the same time, God's children should be willing to go to Him for help. In all their circumstances, He has a plan to help them and so He expects them to go to Him for help. Not only that, they can take refuge under His wings when they are battered by the enemy and circumstances. As our refuge, He covers us with Himself and under His pinions we are safe and secure. No one can touch us without His permission. He will consider any attempt to touch us as touching Himself and so will react accordingly.

Dear friend, who do you trust for all your needs? Who do you go to when you are in trouble? Are you tempted to go to the wealthy, influential and powerful people when you are in need? When you are sick, do you first go to the Great Physician of Gilead, or to the best doctor in town? When you experience financial crunch, do you go to the local banker for a loan or to the One who owns the cattle of a thousand hills? When you are threatened or attacked, do you first go to the local police or to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of God? When you experience pain, do you swallow some pills first or apply the Balm of Gilead? When you are unable to sleep, do you depend on sleeping pills or the Lord who is able to give you sleep? Perhaps you will see that all the earthly people or means you depend on will prove to be a great disappointment. But the Lord will not disappoint you nor forsake you. He will come near you to give you the reassurance that when you commit your ways to Him, He will deliver you. He will be your refuge in all circumstances and situations. He will protect you from harm or hurt and give you the confidence to keep going. If you are forsaken by your friends, kith and kin and even by your associates, the Lord will always be there to give you fellowship and counsel and to fill you with His love. In Him all your needs are met and His all-sufficiency is your greatest strength to keep going when the going gets tough. He will strengthen your feeble faith to keep putting all your trust in Him. There is nothing impossible with the Lord and He turns your seemingly impossible situations around to show you the next step to take forward with Him. So if you are tempted to trust in man, know for sure that this idea is not coming from the Lord. But He issues you with a royal instruction today to keep trusting Him no matter what the issues and circumstances are.

Psalms 20:7 - Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Thought for Today
When all around is only disappointment, with God there are only appointments of accomplishments.

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