Thursday, January 20, 2011


Rescue from Depths

Verse for Today: Thursday, January 20, 2011
Psalms 130:1 - Out of the depths I have cried to You, O Lord.

There are times when a child of God is clogged into the most difficult problems in this life and feels like he has gone deep down into the depths without any hope for a return. It is a feeling of suffocation and strangling by the circumstances. It is a situation of utter darkness around. It is like traveling through the cold and lonely pathways which gets colder day by day. There is no one to speak to or share with and no sympathizer around to comfort. But even in such situations, the Lord is near to His child to listen to the cries of anguish which come out of him. It might be sighs and sounds of intense pain, but they are heard by the Lord. It might be the thoughts which flow from his heart to the Lord in inexpressible words. It might be the most painful expressions of intense struggle with gasp for life. It might be the struggle to hold on to a straw to keep going. But even these struggles are understood by the Lord and He is there with His child to give him hope for a brighter future. The Lord hears all these expressions of sufferings of His child even from such depths of life. Our greatest comfort in such situations is that we have our Lord to look unto. He is available for us to communicate even from such depths of struggle. His ears are not shut that He cannot hear our voices of cry. His eyes are still able to see the deepest parts where we cry unto Him. He comes to help us in ways which are unknown and unthinkable for us. He will deliver us from the seemingly impossible situations. As we cry unto Him, His Spirit echoes His words of comfort and hope in our hearts which are the greatest strength for us to hang in there until He comes to rescue us. Perhaps He is waiting for us to be totally broken and to realize that there is no more strength in us. At that time, His strength will abound in us. When all hope is gone, He comes in with His ray of hope. When all our strength vanishes, His strength is poured in to our hearts to keep holding on to the Lord.

Dear friend, are you going through a time of intense pressure to the extent to which there is no strength left in you to hold on? Do you feel that you are in a hopeless situation? Remember, it is better to be in darkness if the Lord is taking you through it rather than in artificial or imaginary light. Even if you go through darkness, you are resting in the hands of the One who is the Light of the World. Even when there is no strength in you to keep crying to the Lord, your inner being will be able to express your anguishes to the Lord in inexpressible forms of sighs and sobs. Even such emotions are understood by the Lord. He wants to reassure you today that He knows all that you are going through, and He is fully aware of the intensity of your sufferings. Perhaps you are going into the depths of such sufferings, but the Lord is there with you even in such situations. Perhaps you feel like you are in a room which is shut from the outside and there is no knob for the door from the inside. Even then, the Lord is with you and His eternal words of comfort are echoed in your ears to strengthen you. One of these days, the doors to your dungeon will be opened and the Lord will usher you into greater glories. Joseph found his prison door open on a seemingly hopeless day, but that day was ordained of the Lord to fulfill His purpose for the entire humanity. Daniel found the den open for his release. The Jewish young men found the door to the fiery furnace open one day. David got a release from his situations which made him write about his experience of depth from which he cried to the Lord. The same Lord is with you today to listen to your cries and to give you His answers of hope and comfort. Perhaps He is delaying to answer you so that you will grow in your faith and trust in Him. But if we wait for Him, He will renew our strength and give us the peace that passes all understanding to keep crying to Him until His answers come to rescue us which is an eternal reality.

Psalms 106:9 - He rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried up; He led them through the depths as through a desert.

Thought for Today
When God's people go through intense struggles, their God is out there to hold them in His hands and to listen to their cries.

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