Sunday, July 10, 2011


A Cool Desert

Verse for Today: Sunday, July 10, 2011
Song of Songs 8:5 -
Who is this coming up from the desert leaning on her lover?

Desert is a picture of intense dusty heat which makes travelers weary, thirsty and miserable. The life of a child of God is often depicted as a journey through the desert. It is a difficult journey which makes the travelers frustrated. They feel like wanting to run fast, but they can't because of the pressures of the desert. There are no trees for shade and the way itself is not clearly marked out. It is so easy to loose the way and travelers get confused about which direction to go forward. This world puts great pressure of heat on the travelers and intimidates them with great challenges of life. The world doesn't give the traveler any rest, but make them intensely thirsty. Often the world gives them wrong things to drink to increase their weariness. In the midst of it all, there is a thrill for the child of God because he is traveling with the Lord who is the Lover of his soul. As the Lord walks so close to us, we can always lean on to Him and find comfort and rest in Him and cast all our burdens on Him. When we lean on to Him, He keeps comforting and encouraging us to keep going. But we need to watch out to make sure not to lean on to the pseudo-lovers like possessions, positions and prestige who are out there to attract us to them. They only offer bondage of various kind and infected lukewarm water to drink. They give us entertainment to make us joyful which will be like soap bubbles. They offer sleeping pills to help us sleep instead of sleep and peace. They give us false sense of satisfaction which evaporates in the heat of the desert. But our Lord, the Lover of our souls, is with us and He invites us lovingly to lean on to Him to find rest, comfort and coolness in Him. When we lean on to Him, we can cast all our cares and burdens on Him. He will put His arms around us and comfort us with His Word which is the living water for us to regain the lost energy as we walk through this desert.

Dear friend, are you a weary traveler through this world which is a desert with its hot wind and sand that make you miserable? Are there times when you feel that you might not make it through the journey? Do you often get confused and feel intimidated by the pressures and tensions of this desert journey? Just look behind you to find the Lover of your soul walking beside you. He wants to talk to you and walk with you to help you tread this path with joy in your heart and rest for your soul. He wants you to lean on to Him and put all your burdens on Him so that you can relax. He wants you to trust Him to be your travel companion who carries your baggage for you. As you lean on to Him and put all your weight on Him, you will be completely relieved of the burdens. He is the Rose of Sharon whose fragrance will take away the weariness from your soul. He is like an apple tree in the desert and you have the privilege to sit under its cool shadow to enjoy the sweet melons which will take away all your weariness and give you the spiritual energy to keep going. When the desert tries to confuse and defeat you and make you take detours in your walk with the Lord, your Lover is ever beside you to hold your hands and take you to your destination. Walking with Him even through the desert is a great thrill. You have the privilege of singing love songs of praise to the Lover of your soul as you keep walking with Him. Then you will not feel the harsh desert weather, and your weary soul will be rejuvenated. Let us enjoy this walk in spite of the unfavourable situations in this desert because we have our Lord to lean on to.

Psalms 91:4 - He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Thought for Today
Leaning on the Lord will take away all our burdens and release our souls to express our love to Him through spiritual hymns.


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