Sunday, July 24, 2011


The Person and Place of refuge!

Verse for Today: Sunday, July 24, 2011
Psalms 61:4 -
I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.

No matter how rich and affluent a person is, he would find that this world will not give him lasting satisfaction and true contentment in all the possessions he might have. They give only temporary satisfaction and drive people forward for more and more. So when a person puts his trust in the affluence of this world, he would find it to be smokescreen or fog. It would look so real, but will be blown away by the winds of the changing world. But a child of God would leave such mirages of possessions, positions and popularity behind and seek to find full satisfaction in the Lord and His dwelling place. The many mansions in this world offer satisfaction and plunge people into despair, but the presence of God would give them lasting satisfaction. It is like a tent in which they can live and rest. This tent of the presence of God is a promise for the future when God will take His children to His abode to dwell with Him forever. While on earth, it is a refuge for His children to find safety and security from all the diabolic things that this world offers. The heart of a child of God can never find solace in any thing that the world offers, but will give them fear and insecurity as they are gripped with the uncertainties of this world. At such times, all the possessions and positions this world offers would not give them any confidence and strength in life. But the hope that God gives to those who live in His tent will fill them with peace, joy and satisfaction. They can go to confide in the Lord and find lasting rest in His presence. This rest is available to those who have a deep longing to be in the Lord's tent and take refuge under His wings.

Dear friend, where are you taking refuge today? Is it in the mansions of power, prestige and possessions that this world offers? Is it in the broken promises which the world and its prominence offer? When you are in trouble from the enemy of your soul, will you find these worldly mansions capable of giving you safety and security under their wings? You will surely find that such mansions are not built on a rock and so will not withstand the pressures of the situations that you face. They promise a lot of exciting things, but will not be able to deliver it to you. They will impress upon us and give us the reassurance that our life will be most secure under their wings, but when we need them, they will not be found. All they can say is that they are sorry that we go through it all and then will quietly desert us. But that is not so with our Lord. His tabernacle looks like a feeble tent which might be blown out in the wind, but it is based on the Rock of Ages and is guaranteed not to crumble. Taking refuge in the tent of the Lord is on the basis of His promises which are as sure as He lives. His tent is His presence where we have all the goodness and mercy that we would need here on the earth. When we dwell in His presence, we will enjoy the lasting peace and joy that His presence gives. It will never dwindle, but will enhance in quality as we grow in the knowledge of the Lord of the tent who gives us joy and peace. This joy and contentment can be ours if we choose to live in the Lord's tabernacle continuously and find refuge only under His wings because He has promised to provide us with the peace and security that is far beyond what others can offer. His promises are real and are time tested to have no flaws and so we can certainly trust Him to meet our needs of security, safety and hope.

Psalms 36:7 - How precious is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of Your wings.

Thought for Today
The strength that we derive from the tent of the Lord is not from its looks, but from the glory of Him who dwells there.

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