Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Watch, Hope, Wait and Receive!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Micah 7:7 -
But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.

Human tendency is to watch for a little time and then slip into impatience. Waiting is such a difficult exercise in a world where instant gratification of all the desires is the order of the day. But we often forget the fact that looking unto the Lord who has promised to do abundantly for us is only the normal thing to do. Looking unto Him and not looking unto any other source for help, support and blessing is the mark of faith in the Lord when His promises are taken for their true value by us. When the Lord has promised to give us all that we need, how can we consciously look unto any other source? If we look unto some other source for the same things God has promised, we are undervaluing God. He wants us to keep looking unto Him until He fulfills our desires. If we look at nature, we can see that God has built in the truth of waiting in everything. For all natural processes to take place, whether it is for day or night to roll over, rain to fall, Sun to shine, plants to grow and fruit, food to be cooked or for reaching a distance, we need to wait. If we do not know how to wait for the events to take place at their own natural pace, we would not enjoy life on earth. So is the case with God and His promises. When we have divine promises with God's signature on it, we should look in hope for Him to unfold His promises to us. We should not succumb to pressure or temptation to look unto any other source for the gratification of our needs and desires. Not only that, we should wait for the Lord's time to unfold these blessings and needs. We are asked to wait, but no time frame is given to us. The time frame is what the Lord has set and it is known only when the promise is fulfilled. So we need to ask the Lord to help us to wait patiently for Him.

Dear friend, do you some times become impatient in life? We all loose patience several times in our lives, don't we? We are often like little children who cannot wait for the meal to be cooked or reach a destination when travelling. We want instant gratification of our desires or needs, without even knowing whether that need is genuine or not. Waiting for the need to be met is a time frame ordained of the Lord to prepare us for receiving and enjoying the blessing that God wants to give us. It is also a mark of our relentless faith and trust in the Lord. Our Lord will not despise any one who looks unto Him. He will not send us empty handed if we go to Him and will not disappoint us when as wait for Him. If God delays, it is not a delay of inactivity or indifference, but preparation. God is working behind the scene to prepare us to receive the gifts that He wants us to have. The Omnipotent God doesn't need any time to prepare the gift. We are the people who need time to get ready to receive what God wants to give us so that we can gratefully enjoy it. Sometimes, as we wait for the Lord, we might loose the desire for something and instead might desire something more spiritually satisfying. When God fulfills that, we would be able to look back and thank Him for not granting the earlier request and that it was His mercy that prevented us from receiving what we had initially asked for. Waiting for the Lord's time is better than having something which was not in the will of God. Let us be careful not to overtake God, but let us travel with Him at the speed at which He leads us.

Matthew 7:8 - For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Thought for Today
Only those who have patience will receive ripened fruit which is sweet and nourishing.

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