Thursday, July 14, 2011


Foundation Unshakable!

Verse for Today: Thursday, July 14, 2011
Psalms 11:3 -
When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?

We see the foundations laid by God in this world being destroyed day by day. The moral law that God instilled in the hearts of men have already been mutilated. The laws of God which once governed all human relationships seem to be crumbling fast, if not already crumbled. Rebellion in families is ever on the increase. All norms of godliness have been questioned under the shadow of freedom and spirit of independence. The inquiry methods of education have come into question everything that God has taught man. There is a counter-argument for every doctrine and teaching of the conservative pulpit. There are seemingly innovative approaches to everything which do not seem to need the power of the Spirit of God to accomplish. Christendom is increasingly challenged to use modern methods to accomplish great human goals with guaranteed success. Ministers and Christian ministries use modern marketing methods to achieve objectives. Organizations have come to replace the role of the church, and their growth rate is intimidating. Great men are tempted to join the crowd lest they will be shown the way out of ministry. Faith is replaced by sight and technology. Sin has become a 'weakness' for which someone else is always responsible. Gospel has new ingredients like 'prosperity' and 'social reformation'. Very few know God who is the 'consuming fire' because they think He is full of love who cannot punish sin. The church is full of 'pharaohs' who have not seen 'Joseph' and might not learn until the plagues come and devastate everything. When foundations are thus destroyed inch by inch, God's people get exasperated and wonder what to do to keep going. But such exasperation need not crumble us, and instead lead us more often to the holy temple where our Lord is seated on the Throne righteously. He has guaranteed consolation and hope to all who go to Him for strength and comfort even when the foundations are destroyed.

Dear friend, are you exasperated about the way things get out of control around you? Do you feel deeply frustrated that you are unable to do any thing about the destruction of the foundation of life situations? Is the enemy sowing the seeds of despair in your heart? But there is no need to plunge into despondency because the Lord is still on the Throne in Heaven and He controls everything. When people break the chains of love that God has put into their lives, they will plunge into chains of slavery of various kinds and will suffer for it. Even when there seem to be nothing we can do about the evil that pervades all walks of life, we can always go to the Throne of Grace and draw strength and hope from the Lord. He controls our lives with His love and grace and wants us to continue to depend on Him for all our affairs. When we submit ourselves to Him without loosing hope, He will take hold of our hearts and minds to strengthen us through His Spirit and Word to face the hopeless situations that we are in. He deals with us as He examines us to see if we are right with Him. Let us live without getting stuck with the blemishes that are around. Let us believe the Word rather than question it. Let us take God and His Word by faith and hold on to it to strength us when the foundations shake. Let the Word be the only foundation for our faith because when all things pass away, the Word is eternally secured in Heaven. When life seems to be at a standstill, let the golden rays of the foundations of the Word give us hope to keep going. Let Jesus alone be our hope in this hopeless world to provide us with the spiritual energy that we need to hold on until He comes to take us Home with Him.

Isaiah 6:1b - .......I saw the Lord seated on the Throne, high and exalted, and the train of His robe filled the temple.

Thought for Today
When all foundations around us crumble, we have a sure foundation in the Lord who is our only hope and strength.

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