Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Matthew 02:05 - Herod asked them where the Christ was to be born. 'In Bethlehem in Judea', they replied.

It was no accident that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Bethlehem was the house of bread, but the people of Bethlehem and Judea were starving for spiritual bread. Jesus, the bread of Heaven, came down to Bethlehem to feed the spiritually hungry people with heavenly bread so that they would find satisfaction and meaningfulness in their lives. Bethlehem was a place of heart-ache as it was where Jacob lost his Rachel. Bethlehem witnessed the murder of innocent children by Herod which plunged their mothers into ceaseless tears and grief. So Jesus came to Bethlehem to come to grip with the realities of pain, misery, tears, heart-ache, separation and frustration, to turn it all into victory through His death on the cross of Calvary. Today when we look at Bethlehem, we find hope, strength and courage to face the stark realities of our lives. No matter how hopeless our situations and circumstances are, there is hope in Jesus for the future because He is there in all our tomorrows. The Prince who was born in Bethlehem centuries back is our Prince of Peace who touches our lives today to give us victory over our circumstances. He takes all our infirmities on Himself and finds lasting solutions to all our heart-aches. Bethlehem is known today as the city of David who marched from victory to victory because He trusted in this Lord who came to take control of his situations to give him victory. He wants us to be princes and princesses to rule with Him in all our circumstances. He wants us to find victory over our cloudy circumstances because the grace and power demonstrated in the manger in Bethlehem is available for us to draw upon.

Dear friend, are you experiencing heart-ache, pain, frustration or hopelessness today? Are there dark clouds in your horizon so that you find it difficult to see the golden rays of hope? Just as Jacob, you probably have no one to share your grief and misery with. But your Lord is with you and He rules in your heart to give you His peace which passes all understanding. He wants to reassure you today that He is the Prince of Bethlehem which He converted into a place of plenty of God's blessings. He has turned the tears of Bethlehem into songs of victory which He will help you sing by faith. He will send His golden rays of hope in to your horizon when His wind will blow on your circumstances to dramatically change it. Are you spiritually hungry? Come to Him and devour from the exhaustive reservoir of His Word to give you deepest contentment. Nothing in this world will give you the kind of satisfaction that He can give from His Word. If you feel thirsty, do not go to the broken cisterns of this world which will make you thirsty again. But drink from His living water for eternal quenching of your spiritual thirst. He is a never changing Friend who wipes your tears and fills you with joy unspeakable. No matter what your circumstances and needs are today, He is able and willing to meet it abundantly. By coming down to Bethlehem, Jesus speaks to us today about His all-sufficiency to meet all our needs and to take us forward from victory to victory. Bethlehem speaks to us today about a Savior who meets all the needs in all circumstances for His glory. Let us today go to Bethlehem through Calvary and get ourselves enriched by Him.

Psalms 36:8 - They feast in the abundance of Your house; You give them drink from Your river of delights.

Thought for Today
Jesus wants to capture our affections and conquer our hearts to fill it with Him so that we can find fulfillment of all our desires.

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