Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Unshaken Trust for Unshaken Living!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Psalms 21:7 -
For the king trusts in the Lord; through the unfailing love of the most high he will not be shaken.

It is heartening to see a king coming forward to acknowledge that he existed and survived because of the loving kindness of God Almighty. People who are in high places often forget the fact that they are placed there by the Lord to accomplish His purpose in the world. They often become proud and show arrogance to those around them. Their speech, facial expressions and goals reveal their high opinion of themselves and low opinion about others. We find such expressions of pride among those in leadership in secular and religious organizations. But king David was an exception to such pride and arrogance. He was always mindful of the way God pulled him out of the grazing field and brought him to become king of Israel. He went through a series of events in life which showed him that had it not been for the Lord, he would not have become king at all. His heart trusted the Lord to take him forward on a daily basis. Wherever he went astray, David had to suffer, but these experiences made him humble and lowly. He realized that only because of the unfailing love of the Lord he could stay unshaken in shaky situations. If the greatest king of Israel had to depend on the Lord so much, how much would we need to depend on the Lord for each moment of our lives? Any victory that we get ought to make us more and more humble before the Lord and others. David had no problem in his open worship even when his wife ridiculed him. David had no difficulty writing and singing the great Psalms while he was still king to declare his absolute dependence on the Lord.

Dear reader, what are you dependent on in your daily life? There is always the temptation to depend on past glory and victory. Our flesh, who is our enemy within us, enjoys pride and loves to brag about our positions, power, prestige and popularity and will tempt us to go for more and more of it. Our past achievements make us to be proud of it and will tempt us to depend on it to go forward. But the experience of David shows us that if we are not humble and do not keep reminding ourselves that all our help come from the Lord, we would be heading for failure. Past experiences are the ways by which our Lord had led us and this ought to make us more and more dependent on the Lord for our future. Yesterday's manna ought to put hope in us to look for today's manna and that should help us to look forward for tomorrow's manna. It has nothing to do with our ability to pick more manna faster than others. It doesn't depend on our smartness to wake up early to go out and pick more manna. It solely depends on our Lord who is pleased to give it to us each day. Such dependence on the Lord is essential for continuing to live in His grace. Our education might tempt us to prove our smartness. Our position and power might provide us with new strategies to show our efficiency. But these are all like a leaf which blows away in a wind. But the Lord alone will stand the test of time, circumstances, situations and depth of needs. He will always shower His kindness and love to us if we depend on Him. If king David needed it so much day after day, how much more do we need it in our daily battles of life! Let us depend on Him to provide for us today and declare to the world that our existence stems from Him alone. This will cause us to give Him all the glory for all that is happening to us each day of lives.

Lamentations 3:22 - Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.

Thought for Today
Only those who look unto the Lord alone for help will be able to see that all their help comes only from the Lord.

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