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Triumphant Procession!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Exodus 17:8 – The Amalekites came and attacked the Israelites at Rephidim.
When God leads His children through miracles and wonders, the enemy comes to weaken them by attacking them. Often the attacks come when God’s children are weak, tired and vulnerable. Attacks also come from unexpected sources. At Rephidim, the Israelites just won a battle over thirst when God gave them water through the rock on which He stood. But the enemy found them in weary and weak due to journey through the wilderness and came after them to attack them. These Amalekites were the grandchildren of Esau who was Jacob’s brother and as such their relatives. At Rephidim, God showed them to expect attacks even from their dear ones in the family. This is a prime example of how the enemy uses our own dearest ones to attack us. We often do not realize that the enemy is within us and dearest to us. Attack comes in the form of the near and the dear from whom we usually do not expect any attack. Esau’s grandchildren have a score to set with the children of Israel even after generations have passed and so they become potent instruments in the hands of the enemy. But God used His servants to lead His children to fight the enemy of weakness, thirst and the attack from those dear to them. These unexpected attacks often catch us unaware, but we need to beware and be watchful lest we taste defeat. We do not need to run away from the enemy, but to stay put and to march forward by wearing the whole armor of God to defeat the enemy and make progress in our sojourn. These attacks can discourage us, but we must take courage from the Lord who is with us to take us forward.
Dear reader, are you experiencing attacks lately from the dearest and nearest? Are you attacked at unexpected times and does it affect you emotionally and weaken you spiritually? Are these attacks discouraging you and causing fear? The tactic of the enemy is to weaken you and frustrate you out of your pathway. He is using your kith and kin in the social, family and spiritual circles to shatter your morale and weaken you emotionally. But this attack is only an attempt and the enemy will not overcome you. It is a temporary phenomenon only to disturb your peace and sleep. The Lord has gone before you and He has already prepared your pathway to Canaan. He will be your best friend in time of loneliness as you are rejected and resented by those who are dear to you. He has also planned for your ultimate victory over all the emotional, social and spiritual enemies. He will give you the strength to withstand the pressures of the attack. He has already given you His whole armor which will protect you from getting hurt. His double-edged sword is sufficient to dismantle all the fiery darts of the enemy. But you need to take the whole armor and fight the real enemy. Remember, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness that use your dear ones to fight you. As you fight against the discouragement that the enemy is sowing in your heart, it is also time to pray for those who treat you wrongly. Let the elements of discouragement in your heart be handled by the sword of the Lord. Let us win these battles of frustration in prayer and careful use of the whole armor of God. Let us commit ourselves to become fit instruments in the hands of the Lord in this war against the enemy of our souls. Rephidim is a place of thirst and a battleground against the enemy, but is also a place of victory for us today. But we don’t stay in this place of thirst and battles forever, but will move on in our pilgrimage. Yes, it is time to move on and go forward to enjoy the promises which are given to us by our Lord.
Psalms 56:9 – Then my enemies will turn back when I call for help. By this I will know that God is for me.
Thought for Today
When the enemy surrounds us with fleshly ammunition, the Lord will encompass around us with His love and grace. 
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