Thursday, August 29, 2013


Faith and Expectations! 
Verse for Today: Thursday, August 29, 2013
John 6:7 – “Eight months’ wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite”! 

Human calculations and expectations have serious limitations. We understand things in a limited manner and speak out of our poor expectations about what God intends to do in our lives. Philip knew how to calculate and estimate cost as per human standards. His calculations revealed human impossibility and poor expectations. After all, what is the purpose in giving people a bite when they had no food for days! If only Philip admitted his inability to even make estimates, he would have surrendered his calculations to the Lord Jesus and asked Him to intervene.  Like Philip, today we are confronted by the Lord Jesus to review our poor understanding of His power to supply all our needs and trust Him to go to any extent to replenish us with His provisions in our lives. It is also interesting to know that Philip only envisaged bread, but the Lord Jesus had already prepared fish along with it to increase the quality of His supply line. He knew how much each person would eat and prepared enough and more to satisfy every need of every individual to overflowing. Today Jesus comes to each of us to meet all our spiritual, emotional and physical needs according to His measure, status and dignity so that we would find total satisfaction. He wants us to keep our cool in the wake of our needs no matter what they are because He cares for us. Even before we develop a sense of need in our lives, He is with us with His reservoir of resources to meet those needs to overflowing. We must be patient to see Him at work. We must look unto Him to see how He provides for us in His own way at His time and keep trusting Him all the days of our lives

Dear reader, are you facing dire needs of various kinds in your life today for which you do not have any resources? Are you exasperated about the depth of your needs? Do you feel that you are far away from any hope or possibilities? But you must open your eyes to see Jehovah-Jireh who is with you by your side. His mission today is to be with you in your difficult situations to meet your varying needs. He knows the depth of your spiritual, emotional and physical needs and has the power to meet those needs. He wants you to trust Him and keep your cool in the weary land. He challenges you to consider His power and willingness to meet your needs. He is the compassionate Lord who has pity on you because He understands your desperate condition. He will not leave you as an orphan or as sheep without a shepherd. He is your Shepherd who leads you to His green pastures and cool waters. He invites you to dwell in His shadows and experience His compassion and grace in all your situations. The Lord has a plan to meet your needs in His own unique way at His best time according to His measure. His hands are so large as to extend it to you with all that you need. He wants you to wait patiently for His time to serve you with all His goodness and mercy. The God of Elijah who fed him in the desert, at Cherith and in Zarephath is with you to feed your soul, spirit and body. He is faithful and considerate to meet you where you are and serve you with a gourmet to enrich your life with His goodness.

Psalms 20:4 – May the Lord give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. 

Thought for Today
My unbelief melts away in the heat of His supply line.

Prayer for Today
Lord: Open my eyes to see Your riches in glory and to trust You every step of the way to live by faith in all my circumstances. Amen!

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